Flooring Accessories

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Now you’ve found your perfect floor it’s time to look at the necessary accessories to ensure your floor can be installed and maintained properly. Our accessories section contains everything you will need.


One of the most important things to consider before installing your floor is the underlay. While you can’t see the underlay it does make a big difference to the stability of your floor. Some underlays disperse heat evenly, provide sound insulation or offer more protection against moisture. Make sure you choose the right underlay to get the benefit to your floor.

There are also tools and materials available to help with your installation, from installation kits, adhesives and screws, so you can choose the right installation method for you.


UK Flooring Direct also stock a range of flooring accessories to help you keep a consistent style throughout your room, including skirting boards, scotia, door profiles and radiator pipe covers. These come in a range of styles to suit your chosen flooring.


There are also a range of maintenance and cleaning products available to help keep your floor looking beautiful, including refreshers, soaps and intensive cleaners.