Bamboo Flooring

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Bamboo Flooring

For an elegant floor which will make a real impression, bamboo floors are a stylish and original choice. Bamboo is less well known than wood floors so it will stand out in any room and becomes a real focal point.

Because bamboo flooring is produced from grass, rather than wood, it can be harvested without harming the plant and it will grow back much faster, making bamboo flooring an environmentally friendly flooring option as well.

Grass is also not prone to shrinking or expanding in the way that wood is, so there is less danger of your bamboo floor warping if the temperature or moisture content in the room varies.

If you’re interested in bamboo flooring, you can browse our complete range or find out more about our products by calling our Flooring Specialists or checking our online Advice Centre.

We also provide free samples, so you can see how the floor will work with your interior and compare your favourites before you buy.