Cork Flooring

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Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has a distinct, attractive appearance that is unlike any other type of wood flooring, making cork the perfect choice for design schemes that try to do something different.

Because cork is harvested from the bark it does not damage the tree, allowing it to regrow and be harvested multiple times. This makes cork one of the most sustainable types of flooring you can buy.

Cork is also provides very effective insulation, so it’s the ideal choice if you have concerns about keeping noise or heat in a room. These properties also mean that cork flooring can be water resistant if a sealant is applied to the surface, making it a suitable choice for bathrooms.

If you’re interested in cork flooring, you can browse our complete range or find out more about our products by calling our Flooring Specialists or checking our online Advice Centre.

We also provide free samples, so you can see how the floor will work with your interior and compare your favourites before you buy.