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  • New Bamboo Flooring Available

    UKFD have added the new Bamboo Carbonised Strand Woven 142mm Lacquered Solid Flooring to our Life Flooring range.
  • Sustainable Modular Building Design from the Green Unit

    UK Flooring Direct is a proud supplier of the Green Unit, an organisation that has designed and developed a modular building with impressive green credentials.

    All the building materials are carefully chosen to make the Green Unit a sustainable living space for the environment conscious customer.

    “This is achieved by reducing carbon in all our production processes and componentry whilst delivering a well designed and efficient building”, explains Green Unit Director, Jonathan Finnerty.

    This attractive contemporary building is easy to construct and it can be extended or altered to meet customer requirements, making the Green Unit a versatile product that can be used as a home, an office, retail outlet, restaurant, classroom or any kind of space you can imagine.


    An attractive and sustainable living space

    A novel office environment


    UK Flooring Direct provided the engineered floor for the Green Unit show building. This was selected for its attractive surface, durability and, importantly, its sustainability. The floor has recently been installed and the show unit is now open to viewings.

    “The quality 18mm gauge engineered oak board sourced from European sustainable forests looks superb in our Green Unit show building.  The supply and servicing from UK Flooring Direct has been exemplary and we feel confident that the broad range of quality wooden flooring available will enable us to recommend these products to our customers” Jonathan Finnerty

    We’ll be releasing some new images of the Green Unit show building in April so if you’re interested you can get a better idea of the design and construction of the modular building. Watch the video below or click the Green Unit logo to go to their site and find out more about this innovative product.




  • New to our Galleria range

    When you choose a Galleria floor, you’re choosing timeless quality and classical appeal. This range is selected with the discerning homeowner in mind, one who strives to create an interior that is as sophisticated as it is traditional.

    At UKFD we are pleased to announce that we have launched four new floors in our Galleria portfolio, adding to the already substantial choice on offer. Covering a range of shades and styles we’re sure you will find something to suit your taste amongst this new range.

     Galleria Legacy

    ENG-GA-20-005 PROPA new addition to the Galleria Legacy collection, the German Rustic Oak 260mm Brushed & Oiled Engineered Flooring, has an attractive range of shades from a light cream to darker, golden tones. Its rustic surface captures all the natural variation and character of oak, with mineral streaks, knots and grain markings contributing to the floors distinctive appearance.

    The boards are 20mm thick with a 6mm hardwood wear layer above a birch multi-plywood core, making the floor impressively stable and resistant to dents. The exceptional strength and durability of this floor is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

    Click here to view our complete Galleria Legacy range.


    Galleria Elite

    ENG-GA-18-026 PROPNew to our Galleria Elite range is the White Fumed Oak 189mm Brushed & Oiled Engineered Flooring. This floor has beautiful colour variation with white, grey and brown hues complimenting one another to create this distinctive surface. Its rustic properties bring together the shades, with natural markings streaking across the boards, perfectly capturing the attractive properties of the real oak wood top layer.


    ENG-GA-18-027 PROPThe Galleria Elite Fumed Stained Oak 189mm HPPC Oiled Engineered Flooring is another new addition to the Galleria Elite collection. The boards combine golden tones with dark, nutty brown shades, culminating in an attractive, traditional surface. The qualities of the oak hardwood top layer shine through thanks to it the natural imperfections like knots and mineral streaks that come are included on rustic grade floors.

    Both of these Elite floors boast a thickness of 18mm with a 4mm wear layer, making them sturdy enough to resist everyday use. 


    Click here to view our complete Galleria Elite range.

  • New Sample Inspiration Packs

    When you are trying to find the perfect floor sometimes you need more than online images and specifications. If you want to make an informed decision about a new floor nothing compares to seeing and feeling the boards for yourself.

    That’s why UKFD are improving our existing sample service with new Sample Inspiration Packs. These packs contain everything you need to make an informed choice about your new floor, with up to 5 high quality flooring samples, essential accessories and a buyers guide.

    By ordering a Sample Inspiration Pack our customers can compare flooring in their home before they make a purchase. This way you will know exactly how a new floor is going to look in the room it is to be installed with your interior decoration.

    This important step can make the difference between finding a floor you like and finding the floor you love.


    Find out more about the new Sample Inspiration Packs and how to order.


  • Free Digital Buyers Guide

    Download a free digital copy of the UK Flooring Direct Buyers Guide today!

    The guide contains everything you need to know about our engineered wood, solid wood, cork, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring, making it easy to choose your perfect floor.

    Unsure about what essential accessories you need? You will find a summary of our underlay, skirting, maintenance products and more.

    The guide also includes a step-by-step guide to placing your order so you can be confident that you’re prepared before you buy!

    If you have an iTunes account it’s easy to download the iBook direct to your computer or tablet.

  • Trade Deals for Everyone

    Like all good retailers working in the construction industry, UK Flooring Direct offers tradesmen fantastic rates on their flooring. This helps the professionals to do their job and encourages repeat business.

    We have decided to take the next step and make Trade Deals available to everyone! This means that anyone can get the best possible price on a new floor when they buy from UK Flooring Direct. You won’t be able to find better prices anywhere else, and we can back that claim with our price promise guarantee.

    The Trade Deals range includes over 40 floors including solid, engineered and laminate flooring with diverse shades, styles and specifications to suit any home.

    The Trade Deals are only going to be available for a limited time only, so hurry if you want to enjoy the exclusive low prices normally reserved for trade customers.

    This offer is restricted to our Trade Deals range. All products are exempt from additional offers and sales unless otherwise stated.

  • New Golden Oak Flooring range

    If you’re looking for a solid oak floor with real depth of character and at an excellent price, you should try our new Golden Colonial Oiled Flooring range, on sale now!
    As a rustic grade wood, this floor has a beautiful array of distinct markings and patterns across its oak panels. This vibrant appearance is complimented by a luxurious depth of colour; golden tones and toffee hues to deep, nutty brown accents.
    The floor has been prefinished with HPPC natural oil, providing a natural stain to each plank which adds a warm, authentic feel to the floor, as well as an extra layer of protection to ensure your floor stays beautiful for years to come.
    Golden Colonial Flooring comes in widths of either 150mm or 180mm to suit your personal taste, boasts a total thickness of 20mm and comes in random lengths of between 600mm - 2000mm.
    Each of the planks has bevelled edges on all four sides resulting in very distinctive grooves between the planks, adding more depth and dimension while giving an individual definition to each plank.
    To try out this floor before you buy, you can order a sample

  • The Great Interior Design Challenge Final

    This Wednesday saw the final of The Great Interior Design Challenge. Having started out with 24 aspiring designers, the judges managed to whittle down the remaining competitors over 12 episodes to just two, Sarah and Jordan.

    The finalists were each given a Georgian house and 72 hours to transform the interior with their designs. Judges Sophie Robinson (who you may remember also appeared in UK Flooring Directs Product videos) and Daniel Hopwood had the difficult job of choosing between these talented interior stylists to finally find the winner of the Great Interior Design Challenge.

    In the end, Sarah was victorious, saying, “I have so enjoyed learning how to do this, I’m really proud of myself. I hope that this is the beginning of something amazing!”

    Congratulations and good luck Sarah from everyone at UKFD!

    With such talented competition in the last episode, the design ideas on display had to be a perfect mix of intelligent and stylish. We’ve picked out our favourite room interiors from the show for you to review and draw inspiration from. Enjoy!


    Jordan’s Design

    Hallway – Before Jordan had the opportunity to put his own design schemes into effect in his assigned Georgian home, the entrance hallway seemed narrow, cluttered and had no sense of character.

    The new hallway makes far more effective use of the available space, taking into account the need for storage space and room to put on and take off shoes, coats, etc. This small consideration can make a big difference to the routine of a busy family home.

    Visually the Hallway is far more appealing than before. Architectural details help reinforce the Georgian style of the building, and the plain walls have been replaced with a soft green scheme, which makes the entrance to this home calming and warm. Jordan’s signature hand drawn artwork adds a unique and personal touch to the hallway.

    We’re glad to see Jordan decided to keep the wood flooring, which with a bold, reddish tone and clear select grade surface, helps tie the varied aspects of the hallway together.

    As Sophie said it in the show, Jordan’s new hallway design “really creates a very impressive welcome”.

    Guest bedroom/playroom – Jordan also redecorated the guest bedroom, which was originally a simple white room without any real personality.

    It’s a very different environment now, with a striking design scheme. Aqua green Stripes cover the walls, curtains and furniture. This could have been overwhelming, but thanks to the dark ceiling and the ornamental white trees that dominate the room, the stripes create a visual illusion, almost making it seem as if the room is under the canopy of a dense forest. Daniel felt that the effect created, “A strange sense of peacefulness”.

    The room doubles as both a play room and guest room, and this whimsical scheme manages to cater to these needs, being both a creative space and an attractive, restful place to be. As Sophie phrased it, “it’s nice that it does feel a little bit of fun, but with a dual purpose of also being a guest room with a grown up edge too”.


    Sarah’s Design

    Front Room – When you see the competition winners design, it’s clear how their ability to combine traditional and modern styles, along with a skill at incorporating distinctive, quirky and practical touches, helped Sarah to take home the Great Interior Design Challenge trophy.

    The front room was an unused dining room to begin with. The owners wanted the redecorated room to function as both a work space and a sitting room. While we’re not sure how much work will get done with the addition of a snooker table, Sarah’s gentlemen’s club design has transformed the space into a far more vibrant, colourful place, mixing traditional furniture with modern touches like transparent shelves and a bespoke copper chandelier.

    Daniel voiced his concern that the room was overly themed, comparing it to “a gastro pub, staged, rather than being real”. But overall the judges were impressed with fun, distinctive details Sarah had placed around the room.

    Kids room – What began as a plain and functional room that lacked personality has been transformed by Sarah’s design into a stylish, fun space, perfect for a kids room.

    White walls and a bold green line dividing the entire room, running across the floor, up the walls (even touching covering a small strip of window!) and over the ceiling, make this a really modern space. Fun touches everywhere, like a cabin bed and a shelf with a built in ramp, are a reminder that this is kids room, not, as Daniel put it, “late 60’s psychedelia design”.

    It’s clear that what worked in all these rooms was the clever combination of traditional with modern styles. This technique can work in any setting, making rooms interesting, distinctive and strikingly personal to the owner’s taste and style. Try it yourself next time you’re decorating!

  • Lower Pricing Tiers!

    Home-Choice-Golden-Oak-3-Strip-Lacquered-Solid-FlooringWorking on a big project? It’s now even easier to save money by ordering in bulk!

    As the largest online flooring supplier in the UK, we can save money by buying and storing our flooring in quantities our competitors can’t match. We’re passing those savings onto you with our new lower price tiers!

    Cheaper to buy flooring in bulk!

    It’s now possible to buy over 41m2 of any floor and receive the same great discount previously reserved for orders over 100m2!

    If you order over 91m2 with our new price tiers, you’ll receive an even steeper price drop, equivalent to buying over 150m2 of flooring in the old system!

    For example, our Series Woods 7mm Classic Oak Plank Laminate Flooring normally comes at the great value of £8.39 per m2. Buying between 41–90m2 of the same product will lower the price to £7.19 per m2, and buying over 91m2 lowers the price again to £6.60, a saving of over 20%!

    If you’re thinking of renovating or decorating your property, taking advantage of our price tiers will help your money go further, so you can enjoy a perfect new floor.

  • Galleria Product Launch!

    UK flooring direct are proud to introduce two new products to our Galleria Classic range. Both these new products capture the essence of this distinctive brand; classic in attitude, with a timeless, authentic appeal that will create a sophisticated atmosphere that works in any room.

    European Aged White Oak

    This beautiful white oak floor is finished with a matt lacquer that adds definition to the natural patterns and texture of the wood. The rustic grade of this floor means you will find the surface has an intricate mix of grain markings, mineral streaks, sapwood and knots of varying sizes. These small imperfections capture the distinct character and natural beauty of the real wood surface.

    The creamy colour creates a sense of space in any room, though it works particularly well in open spaces. The bright, airy atmosphere this creates is a popular design choice, especially over the spring months when the light colour will help to emphasise natural light.


    Key Specifications

    • Brushed Matt Lacquered Finish – highlighting the planks authentic surface and grain structure with added durability with the application of a premium matt lacquer
    • Rustic Grade – Increased natural character, heavy grain markings, distinctive and authentic.
    • This product features an elegantly  sophisticated finish, the colour palette of soft whites and creamy undertones with hints of wheat beige all combine together to sit in line with current trends, especially as we prepare to enter into the spring months.

    European Chocolate Ganache Oak

    This sumptuous, chocolate oak floor has a rich depth of colour. Deep brown shades and golden highlights ripple across the surface of this floor, emphasising its natural beauty. Once brushed and oiled, this floor will work perfectly with traditional interiors, though as a nature grade floor with a subtle texture, it can be used to suit any design scheme.

    Key Specifications

    • Brushed & Oiled Finish – surface brushed and oiled to enhance the grain structure of the plank, with the additional protection featured within the UV oil
    •  Nature Grade - Offering subtle colour variations, grain markings and other natural features
    • This product’s colour palette is rich and delicious, offering a twist to the traditional darker shaded flooring, working alongside tones of chocolate browns are the occurrence of golden highlights which really emphasise the grain markings apparent throughout each board, emphasised by its surface brushing.

    Both of these products are engineered with a multiply construction giving them excellent strength and stability. The floors are 14mm thick with a 3.2mm wear layer, 189mm wide and come in standard lengths of 1860mm. There is 4V Micro Bevel between each plank adding subtle definition and keeping the individual planks from blending together.

    The floors use a 5GS Click System, making installation quick and easy. They are compatible with underfloor heating and come with a 15 year warranty.

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