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  • Effect of Ceiling on Flooring Designs

    Q: Is designing the flooring perfectly necessary? Does the ceiling have any effect on the flooring designs? Is it necessary to have particular ceiling heights to get durable yet low maintenance flooring?
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean – Pine Laminate Flooring

    Q: I had tried hardwood flooring but the price seems to be a little beyond my affordability. Therefore I have settled for laminate flooring. Which of the laminate flooring gives natural beauty and environment and at the same time is easy to maintain and clean?
  • Easy to Install Uniclic Flooring

    Q: I wish to install laminate flooring but want to install it myself. Is there any laminate flooring that could be installed quickly and conveniently?
  • Durable and Water Proof – Alloc Laminate Flooring

    Q: Is there any laminate flooring that would be durable and at the same time water proof? What are the advantages of such flooring over the traditional flooring?
  • Durable and Stable – Jatoba Engineered Flooring

    Q: Though initially I wanted to install solid wood flooring I found them beyond affordability. Is there any alternative that will give me the same durability and stability and also display elegant appearance?
  • Durable Alternative to Traditional Carpet – Paper Carpet

    Q: Is there any alternative to the traditional carpets made of coir, ply, jute, sisal and such other materials? Are the alternatives cheaper? What do I do to maintain them? Is the process complex and difficult to carry out?

    A: With the advancement of civilisation, technologies are also improving by leaps and bounds. Designers and manufacturers are finding out and designing alternatives for every commodity available in the market. One of the recent and most popular alternatives to traditional carpet is the durable paper carpet. Some of these carpets have poly backing and that makes them more stable and durable. People mostly look for alternatives with the price in view. In that respect the paper carpet is highly economic. At the same time the carpets made of paper are not as fragile or perishable as its ingredient, the paper.

    Some of the major advantages of the paper carpet are that it is dust proof, anti static and hard wearing. They can be used for residential as well as official purposes. They can even be used for commercial houses where the traffic movement is generally higher. While paper is highly inflammable, paper yarn carpet is fireproof. They are also normally treated with high quality stain resistant and that makes taking care quite ease and convenient. Consequentially you do not have to make large investments towards maintenance of the carpet. The carpets will normally have cotton borders and they are also treated with stain resistant material making the end product doubly secure for you.

    When it comes to flexibility, the poly backing for the paper carpet takes care that it does not ordinarily loose its shape due to external pressure or influences. The process using poly backing also ensures that the product becomes flexible and non-slippery. To top all these advantages, the backing material has the capability to adjust to any type of surface and can be fitted any where you desire. In fact they fit into all flooring types. They are not bad even for the flooring that emits radiant heating. You may not have any worries about the environment since the product is highly eco friendly and does not have any adverse bearing on the surrounding environment.

    Maintenance is easy and convenient. You only use the vacuum cleaner for the cleaning making the carpet dust free. To remove the stains, you may clean gently the carpet with damp cloth. However you should not rub the carpet. It can bring out shreds by tearing or could scratch your carpet. For cleaning you can also use dry foam or any gentle level wash. Add some mild detergents in water with 30 degree C temperature. Rinse a soft brush with it. Roll out the excess water with a roller press. Thereafter shape your paper carpet flat by air drying. Folding may break your carpet. So avoid it. After the cleaning you could also renew the guard stain coatings.

    These carpets come in the standard sizes of 80 cm by 150, 200 or 300 cm. You can also get other sizes like the 133 X190, 160X 230, or 200 X 300 cm. You can also customise the carpet according to your requirements and tastes. If you are worried about the looks, remain assured. Paper carpet is not only elegant but also extremely durable and well finished. It gives your home a natural environment and warmth.

  • Dream Design with Tile Effect Laminate Flooring

    Q: Is it possible to capture the dream designs of tile effects with the laminate flooring? Is laminate flooring good for interior designing? How to bring up such tile effect in my laminate flooring?
  • Dos and Don’ts Relating to Hardwood Flooring

    Q: What are the precautions I should take while going for the hardwood flooring? Is there anything that could cause serious damages to my hardwood flooring? What are the preventive actions necessary to maintain its shine and décor for long?
  • Dispensing with Use of Glue in Flooring Installation

    Q: If I set up laminate or vinyl flooring is it necessary to use glue always? Is there any way to dispense with the glues in setting up my home or office floor?
  • Difference Between a Solid Hardwood and an Engineered Hardwood

    Q: I have been wondering what the differences could be between a solid hardwood and an engineered hardwood. It will definitely help me come up with a much better decision for my home if I can know the benefits and disadvantages of each.

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