Bathroom Flooring

bathroom flooring

Many people imagine that choosing bathroom flooring will be a difficult task. While everyone wants an attractive option it is also very important, because it is such a wet environment, to make practicality a priority. This will ensure that you get a product which can cope with the demands placed on it without being damaged.

Here at UK Flooring Direct we have an array of stylish oak flooring and engineered oak flooring options so that you won’t have to compromise on style, practicality or quality.


Vinyl Bathroom Flooring

vinyl iconAll vinyl floor products can be used in the bathroom due as it is waterproof, it also means it is very easy to mop up any after shower spills.

Although solid wood flooring is not a practical choice for your bathroom you can get the appearance of it with our wood effect vinyl linoleum. This comes in oak or walnut designs as well as several other wood effects including parquet styles.

Tile effect vinyl is also popular as it is a cheap way to achieve the very fashionable look of tiled bathroom flooring. We also stock plain linoleum in light, medium and dark shades and recent advances in technology and design means that vinyl is now a lot more stylish and durable than ever before.

Along with all of these other benefits vinyl is incredibly easy to clean and resistant to a large amount of wear and tear.


Cork Bathroom Flooring

cork iconCork is fantastically environmentally friendly flooring, which many people don't expect to be suitable for bathrooms. However if your cork flooring has sealant applied to it then it can prove to be a really good quality option for this room.

One important factor when choosing bathroom flooring is comfort, especially if you bear in mind getting out of a shower on a cold morning, and cork is probably one of the best ways to combine practicality and comfort in this way.

Cork is also as easy to care for as solid wood or engineered floors so you can rest assured that with basic maintenance your floor will continue to give you great value for money for many years.



Submitted by Jason Ashby, UKFD