Commercial Flooring

When anyone is looking to buy commercial flooring there are two main priorities that everyone shares. First and foremost; your flooring should reflect your business and, like the design for the rest of your business, your flooring choice must reflect a sense of professionalism.


Laminate Flooring

laminate iconThe most popular choice of engineered wood flooring for commercial use is usually laminate. This is because laminate flooring has the beautiful, elegant appearance of real wood. It also looks a lot more expensive than it is which gives a successful and professional appearance.

The choice of wood represented includes fashionable options like pine and engineered oak flooring as well as more distinguished, unusual styles like the beautiful merbau or wenge. There are dark, medium and light shades so, whatever your design ideas are, there will be a product to match.

Our selection of laminate flooring comes in grades AC3, AC4, AC5 and now even AC6 which is for use in high traffic areas like airports and railway stations.


Laminate Flooring Grades

The following is a breakdown of the AC ratings, their associated symbols and some suitable uses:


ac 1 AC 1
Residential, Moderate Traffic: Suitable for bedrooms or guest rooms
 ac 2 AC 2
Residential, General Traffic: Suitable for living rooms or dining rooms
ac 3 AC 3
Residential, Heavy Traffic: Suitable for all areas
ac 4 AC 4
Commercial, Moderate Traffic: Hotel rooms, small office
ac 5 AC 5
Commercial, General Traffic: Office, boutique, café
ac 6 AC 6
Commercial, Heavy Traffic: Public buildings, department stores


Vinyl Flooring

vinyl iconVinyl is another common selection because it is so durable as well as being waterproof and easy to clean. This makes vinyl linoleum flooring ideal for commercial environments where spillages are likely to occur because lino will cope with the problems really easily.

Recently there have been new developments in the production technology with this floor which has resulted in an even more durable product as well as more stylish designs. Many people mistakenly believe that a practical floor which is mainly prized for durability would mean a compromise in terms of design, but with linoleum this certainly isn’t the case.

There is a massive selection of flooring suitable for commercial use in a range of styles. Common choices are tile effect or wood effect, both of which come in a variety of designs. These include contrasting black and white tiles and a luxury black Serenity brand tile option, while the selection of wood includes oak and walnut which provide a contemporary feel.

Whichever product you choose our floors come with great warranties for peace of mind so you can be sure that these are great value products, which you can trust for your commercial flooring.



Submitted by Jason Ashby, UKFD