Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen is often a room that people naturally gather in which means that flooring in this room needs to be durable enough to withstand a high volume of foot traffic. People can be stood up for a long time as well, whether socialising or preparing food, so your choice should also be comfortable enough for this.

Although these are important issues there is also the cost and style of the product to take into account. However comfortable and durable your kitchen floor you shouldn't have to compromise on the appearance and even with all of these great qualities it shouldn't have to cost the earth.


Galleria Elite Plantation Grey Lacquered Engineered Flooring
Series Woods 10mm Harvest Oak V Groove Laminate Flooring
Jean Marc Artisan Sommelier Bespoke Solid Flooring

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

laminate iconLaminate flooring is a great mixture between the attractive appearance of solid wood and the low price, low maintenance benefits of laminate.

Very little maintenance is required to keep these fantastic kitchen floors looking their best and there is a massive variety of different species in many different shades and colours. Depending on the demands you will be placing on your floor you can choose higher laminate grades which indicate the level of durability.


Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

vinyl icon

Luxury Vinyl is an excellent choice for the kitchens as its water resistant properties mean that the floor will be easy to clean and won’t be damaged in the event of spills or leaks.

Luxury vinyl is durable as well, able to resist the wear and tear of a busy kitchen while maintaining its attractive surface.

Because luxury vinyl from UK Flooring Direct comes in diverse styles and shades you will be able to find the right floor to suit your kitchen design scheme.


Solid Wood Kitchen Flooring

solid iconFor anyone looking to create traditional looking kitchen solid wood flooring is a must. It creates a distinct impression and the exceptional quality of the floor is visible. There is a selection of different species and shades to create the perfect look for your kitchen.

This sort of beautiful, authentic hardwood will last a very long time with the right care and it boasts an authentic look and texture which artificial floors struggle to match.


Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

bamboo iconThis is still a fairly new addition to flooring in the western world so you can be sure that your choice will still be considered unique and unusual in any room. What makes bamboo ideal for the kitchen is the fact that it is particularly durable and easy to clean – perfect for kitchens.

It is also an environmentally friendly option and comes in beautiful light shades, which will give your kitchen a fantastic spacious feel.


Cork Kitchen Flooring

cork iconAlthough this is also still an unusual choice in flooring, of all the options available for your kitchen cork could well be one of the most comfortable. It has a natural softness which means that it is easy to stand on even for long periods.

It is also another great product in terms of being environmentally friendly and is fire and mould resistant. There are many fantastic colours as well, from coffee to cream and silver to sepia.



Submitted by Jason Ashby, UKFD