Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the best of both worlds for homeowners looking to combine the benefits of natural wood and synthetic flooring. It can be difficult to decide between the two when there are so many benefits for each, so laminate can be the perfect compromise.

The surface of your floor will be a high quality replica of the timber of your choice, which means that the natural wood appearance many people strive for is easily achieved.

Laminate floors are constructed using several layers of plywood which enhance the stability of each floorboard. These floors are also famed for being easy to clean so they are a popular choice in busy homes.


Laminate Flooring Construction Detail



Advantages of laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is durable and hardwearing compared to real wood counterparts. This is why, when buying floors for areas with high foot traffic, laminate is often the best choice. Our laminate floors are divided into different AC grades that indicate the level of foot traffic they will be able to withstand. AC3 and AC4 grade laminate is designed for use in the home or in small commercial premises where there is a modest amount of footfall. AC5 grade laminate is geared towards larger premises, where more people will walk across the floor and thus a greater level of strength and durability is required to ensure the long life of the material.


Diverse Styles

Laminate floors come in a huge range of colours, shades and species which would be difficult to locate in solid wood or engineered flooring so there is a great selection of styles available.

Light floors often compliment small areas, to give the illusion of space, but personal preference is the most important factor when choosing anything for your home or business premises.

Some products come with beveled edges, which means they have a greater level of definition due to the downward-pointing grooves at the end of each tile, providing a more distinctive joint and giving the floor a smart, modern and dynamic look.


Series Brand Laminate Flooring

You can make it easier to find your perfect laminate floor by using our brands to narrow down the style and specification you are looking for. Click to learn more about Series Laminate Floors and the options available to you.


Series Woods Varnished French Oak V Groove Laminate Flooring
Series Woods American Black Walnut Laminate Flooring
Series Elite Natural Varnished Oak V Groove Laminate Flooring

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An affordable Option

One distinct advantage of laminate flooring is the cost. This floor is great as a value option because it offers style and durability on a budget.


Easy Installation

All our laminate floors utilise simple and quick systems that will make it easy for you to assemble and install the floor,without any experience or expertise. Simply click or fit interlocking pieces together like parts of a jigsaw with no glue or other adhesive involved.

With two people working on the floor it can be set down in a matter of hours, while other installation methods can take much longer.


Perfect for Kitchens

Kitchen laminate flooring is perhaps the most common use of the material. The durability, long life and ease of maintenance make it an ideal material for the room. The frequent footfalls of people using the space mean that the flooring needs to be tough, and it must also deal with all sorts of things accidentally being dropped on it, from hard utensils and porcelain to water and things that may make a mess.

The durability of laminate and the ease by which it can be cleaned both make the material highly suitable for such an environment, meaning you can have it in your kitchen and enjoy its benefits for many years without having to work too hard to keep it looking good.


Comes in Tile Effect

If you like the look of tiled floor, there are several different tiled laminate floors that may suit your taste.

You can choose between classic square tiles or oblong ones that overlap in an alternating fashion like bricks in a wall.

The materials being mimicked are varied in type, shade and colour, giving you plenty of options. Among these are various sorts of slate, clay and synthetic patterns. Colour options vary from almost white to black, while there are also amber, grey, brown, green and various multi-tone, mottled effects to match those of natural stone.


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