How to Repair Wood Floors

Wood floors may be elegant and durable, but once in a while, they may need some repairing, especially when they are scratched or burned. If the wood floors are old, they may even lose their original colour or warp. It is not difficult for home owners to repair their wood floors themselves. With the right tools and instructions, an ordinary homeowner will be able to transform a damaged wood floor into one that looks brand new.

The basic tools that are needed to repair wood floors are hammer, nails, drill, wood chisel, carpenter’s square, saw, pry bar, adhesive, new planking, ring shank nails, sand paper, steel wool, stain, wax, hand-buff, and colour putty sticks. The set of tools that is used may vary depending on the kind of repairing job that needs to be done.

Repair Scratches & Burns on Wood Floors

Minor scratches can be easily repaired with the use of a colour putty stick. Just clean the scratched area with a cloth, and then rub the colour putty stick over the area. Wipe the area to clean off excess putty. If there are cigarette burns on the wood floor, use a moistened steel wool to rub off the burn marks. Deep cigarette burn marks can be removed with a utility knife. After the charred fibers are removed, rub the spot with fine sandpaper, and then, apply stain, wax, and hand-buff.

For More Serious Damage...

If certain planks on the wood floor are seriously damaged, they need to be replaced. The first thing to do is to put a nail through the damaged area as deep as possible. After that, mark out the damaged section with a carpenter’s square and use a ½ inch drill to make holes along the line. Then, remove the damaged board with a wood chisel and pry bar. Use the chisel to shape the area into a rectangle or square, and take out all the exposed nails with the pry bar. Cut out strips of new wood to fill up the area. Make sure that they fit perfectly. After the new wood strips are installed, apply adhesive to keep them in place. Then, put in 2-inch ring shank nails to complete the job.

Warped boards are another common problem for homeowners who have wood floors. Minor warps can be easily fixed, but major warps usually require the replacement of floor boards. If the warp is not very noticeable, it can be fixed by placing a cinder block or a heavy object on it. Remove the cinder block after a few days, and the warp should be gone. To fix major warps, the affected boards need to be removed. Find boards that are similar in size and install them with the right screws. After the new boards are installed, they may need staining or painting to match the rest of the wood flooring.

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Submitted by Jason Ashby, UKFD