Vinyl Flooring

If you are interested in vinyl flooring, we offer some of the highest quality lino flooring items around. Within the range some are more suited to domestic purposes and others designed for commercial use. Each comes in a roll, with sizes varying from two to four metres, with three metres also available, ensuring you can get a large roll if you need to fill a big floor space, while not wasting money and material on smaller areas.

All the products are 2.5 mm thick, but the strength of these varies. The products suited for domestic use come with a 15-year warranty, whereas those suited to commercial premises come with a 20-year cover.

The types of designs that you can choose from vary widely. Some prefer to have a roll of vinyl with a tile pattern, which is very a popular alternative to expensive tiles. Alternatively, there is a wide variety of colours and shades available including neutral browns and greys, as well as bright reds, yellow, blue shades, amber, orange, light blue and indigo.

With such a wide variety available, this means that we can offer you a beautiful lino floor in a colour that should fit well with your domestic or commercial decor.


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Perfect For Bathrooms, Kitchens…

Luxury Vinyl flooring is an ideal bathroom flooring solution because of its great versatility and fantastic advances in technology providing much improved designs and durability.

One of the defining characteristics of a bathroom is that it is the wettest room in the home and any floor will be subjected to frequent exposure to water, either directly through drips, splashes and spillages or indirectly though the cooling of steam that has risen from hot water being used in a bath or shower. While some kinds of flooring will expand, contract or stain if they are exposed to water in this way, bathroom vinyl flooring will not because it is a completely waterproof material.

This also makes it a perfect flooring solution for kitchens, utility rooms or entrance halls.


Easy Installation

These products may or may not require adhesives for installation and in some cases this may require the services of a professional, such as when full adhesion is necessary. This is not the case with most domestic installations, which will only require one sheet of floor covering material. Cases where more than one sheet is necessary - and therefore full adhesion is needed - are essentially confined to instances where heavy appliances will be regularly dragged across the floor, which is not a common occurrence in the home. Where the floor is set to be pressed by heavy items being placed on top of it, the use of acrylic flooring adhesive such as Mapei is required.

As always when installing a new floor, care should be taken that the subfloor is not uneven. If it is made of concrete, it should be checked to ensure it is not damp.

With a broad choice of products, specific ranges for domestic or commercial use and a variety of attractive colours to choose from, you should find that the lino products we stock can provide you with just the floor you are looking for.


Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Luxury vinyl is both hard to scratch and can be easily cleaned, making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms or entrance areas of the home. Its waterproof construction means that it will be as good as new even in the wettest conditions.

The luxury vinyl flooring products we sell have lengthy warranties that reflect the material's strength, and with regular maintenance these can last for decades or even for a lifetime.


Huge Range of Vinyl Flooring

Wood effect vinyl flooring accounts for most of our luxury vinyl flooring, with a wide range of oak-themed items including traditional blonde shades as well as treated oak that may be dark brown, charcoal or bleached. A number of other shades of wood are also available, including elm, hazel, bamboo, walnut and beech.


Wood- Stone - Slate - Tile - Parquet Effects

If you want a different material to the wood-effect, there are many to choose from, including ebony, bracken and ivory, as well as a number of slate and stone effect vinyl products. Those who like tile effect flooring may wish to choose a monotone colour, or something similar but with diamond shapes on the corners, or even a traditional chessboard effect pattern. With so much variety, it should be simple to find something that is suitable for your home.


Cushioned Flooring - Comfort

Another feature of luxury vinyl flooring products have is that they are cushioned, with a mixture of materials such as rubber and foam allowing extra give in the surface, something that makes it particularly comfortable for your feet and may be welcome as they are more sensitive when wet and wrinkly as you step out of the bath.

With such a combination of practicality, comfort, durability, long life and a very wide range of designs to choose from, you may find that vinyl is easily the best choice for your bathroom vinyl flooring, with a product to suit you being easy to find.


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Submitted by Jason Ashby, UKFD