Cork flooring a 'subtle yet warm addition' to a home

The Christmas countdown is likely to be underway for most households around the country and for some, this may include making sure their properties are fully prepared for the big day.

For one couple in Hull, this involves decorating their entire home with colourful lights, reindeer train sets, a Father Christmas model and even a festive jukebox.

However, homeowners who are looking for subtler ways of attracting guests this winter may want to consider fitting their kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms with cork flooring. Often deemed one of the most unusual options for these spaces, cork floors have actually been used in this way for decades and rightfully so.

Naturally soft cork flooring is highly durable and can take large amounts of foot traffic for long periods of time, which makes it ideal for anyone due to host Christmas get-togethers. Its structure also means that people will find it extremely comfortable to stand on.

One of the most environmentally-friendly flooring options, the outer layer of the material is taken from living trees, which are then left to replenish for years to come. As a result, no plantation is damaged in the production of cork flooring and homes are guaranteed to benefit from its mould and fire-resistant qualities.

It is still possible to make a statement this Christmas with the flooring, as individuals will find they have plenty of styles and shades to choose from. In addition, people can take their pick between planks and cork floor tiles.

The latter is likely to be suitable for anyone planning to renovate their bathrooms over the holidays, as the material is water-resistant and therefore easy to maintain, while the cork floor's natural properties succeed in creating the quiet and relaxing atmosphere perfect for a bath.

Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or lounge that is fitted with cork flooring, homeowners can be sure their guests will be comfortable and warm this winter.

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