Floors for hurricane victims

A flooring competition is being held in the hope of helping victims of a hurricane which caused devastation last year.

Hurricane Irene caused destruction in the Caribbean and across the East Coast of America in 2011 and it is estimated that there was over $15 billion worth of damage.

One town which suffered from a lot of flooding in the wake of the hurricane was Lafayette, New Jersey, and one flooring company has chosen to host a contest.

Set-n-Stone Tile & Flooring is based in Lafayette and noticed many customers were going to view flooring but they all had to wait for insurance money before they could purchase.

Knowing that this would be a long process the company set up their current contest to find the people most in need of new floors.

Set-n-Stone will give away up to 300 square feet of any flooring to the family most in need, which they are currently accepting entries for in store and online.

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