Kitchen flooring fashions

New trends within the world of kitchen interior design are starting to involve bright colours combined with simple, natural styles.

The Detroit Free Press noted that kitchen styles are evolving away from intricate, artistic designs of recent years, in to clearer and brighter décors.

Experts in kitchen flooring design have noted that people are also more likely to opt for more natural products like solid wood flooring and stone countertops.

By using natural, simple designs the kitchen area will look bigger and lighter and there is the added bonus that it will appeal more to potential buyers should you choose to sell your home.

Although simple and natural styles are currently key trends this doesn’t mean that the kitchen should lack individuality and personal style.

Against the basic décor bright colours are then used as an accent to give an individual touch to the room, without kitchens becoming too busy-looking and complicated.

Cork flooring is an ideal option to fit with these fashions as its natural look and simple style fit in with current trends while cork is already known to be an ideal kitchen floor.

The product is soft enough to be comfortable to stand on for long periods and the surface itself is very resistant to damage such as scratches.

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