Popular Innovation Rugs – Hand Tufted Rugs

Q: Why are the innovation rugs mostly handmade? What are the fastest produced handmade rugs? How are they produced?

A: Rugs could be machine made or handmade. Despite being less expensive and better for bulk production, machine made rugs have their own limitations. You can only go by the specific designs that are available with the machine. Even when the designs are regulated by computer technologies, they do not have the capabilities to make sudden changes in the designs as every thing is pre-arranged. Moreover sudden developments and manufacturing of innovation rugs may require immediate changes in the patterns and use of materials. This is only possible with handmade rugs.

Of course, manufacturing of rugs by hand does not always mean slow processes. There are faster processes as well. For instance the hand tufting of rugs is the quickest method of producing handmade rugs. No warp and weft as in the manufacturing of conventional rugs is used. These rugs are real innovation rugs since they use a hand held gun. Yarn is shot through the gun into the primary backing of the rug. This helps in creating multiple designs with ease and convenience. You can create conventional styles, vintage styles, contemporary styles, as well as fine blend of two or more styles in the process. Most of the times jute backing is provided to give the rug additional strength and the hand carved rug give you an added dimension.

India and China are the two major producers of hand tufted rugs. The reason is that in comparison to their Western counterparts they have cheap labor available. The local resources also facilitate manufacturing of hand tufted rugs. Wool and viscose are produced in India in plenty while brighter acrylic and viscose fibres are also found in massive scales in China. There are also other innovation rugs that are hand made. These are also produced mainly in India and other parts of Asia. The looms used for the purpose are run using the hands and legs of operator. The rugs are normally produced using wools.

Hand knotted rugs were manufactured for the first time in Persia. Each tuft was knotted using the hand with the cotton warp of the rug. In modern era these hand knotted rugs are manufactured using some specific techniques. One is Senneh or Persian Knot and the other is Ghiordes or Turkish knot. The former is a symmetrical knotting pattern where little gaps are left in the surface of the pile and it is also less bulky. The later is bulkier and leaves more gaps on the surface. Though they may be easily listed among the innovation rugs, they come quite expensive. The materials used are wool, silk and cotton warp and weft. A difficult part of the manufacturing of hand knotted rug is the dyeing process in which vegetable dyes are used.

Many variations of the rugs are available in the market. So also there are numerous providers. Viscose or art silk shaggy rugs are normally produced as knotted rug to give them better tuft anchorage. Finally, some of the innovation rugs also contain leather hooked cotton waft.

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