Solid wood is best for pets

Wood floors are actually an ideal choice, even for those with pets at home, according to an American flooring supplier.

Many shoppers are put off solid wood floors, as well as engineered and laminate options, just because they fear that their pets could ruin the beautiful flooring.

This is because household pets, such as cats and dogs, can scratch these floors with their sharp nails and before you know it the floor is damaged.

However a wood flooring supplier in the U.S. has gone on record to state that, not only can wooden floors still be an option with pets, they are actually the best option.

Whereas carpets can prove the perfect breeding ground for the mites and allergens carried by animals, wooden floors are much easier to completely remove these bugs from.

Carpet can also be a nightmare to clean if your pet has a tendency to shed a lot of hair but it can simply be brushed from wooden floors.

Although pets’ claws can be a problem with any flooring choice installing particularly durable species of wood will prevent most scratches and a certain amount of maintenance should restore small blemishes.

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