Vinyl set for revamp

Vinyl flooring could be getting a stylish revamp to give the flooring a popularity boost and make it more widely used in different areas of the home.

While vinyl flooring has always been popular as bathroom and kitchen flooring it is not nearly as well-used in other areas of the home.

This is despite the constant technological improvements to vinyl floors, which allow ongoing improvements to the product.

In terms of design, durability and texture vinyl floors have improved immeasurably over the past few years, however many people do not consider it for any rooms other than the kitchen or bathroom.

Interiors Monthly have now noted that the latest advances are really starting to push vinyl floors as more of a luxury product than ever before.

The cushioning used in new products is making vinyl a more comfortable product and, combined with realistic textures and designs, it could be perfect for other rooms around the home.

These advances will be welcomed by anyone looking to buy value flooring as vinyl floors are usually sold at a lower price to most other flooring options.

Only time will tell whether the newest products will provide vinyl flooring with the more fashionable reputation it is starting to deserve.

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