The Education Centre: Rugs Brands

Standard Range:


For those wanting a vintage traditional appearance or seeing the freshest modern looks, Maestro is a great place to start. From exciting solid colours and high-contrast geometrics to contemporary florals and modern interpretations of traditional damasks, this collection is packed full of on-trend looks. Maestro is made in Europe from bleach-cleanable, easy to look after and durable 100% polypropylene in a deep and plush cutpile that looks luxurious no matter what the occasion. All sizes in the Maestro collection are available in a great value 1,400g/m2 weight.


With traditional designs and tribal influences, Spirit captures a sense of adventure through Middle Eastern and African inspiration. Great for homes looking to capture the magic of exotic locations and welcome colour in abundance, this collection is made from easy to look after and durable 100% bleach-resistant polypropylene in a twistpile that gives great pattern definition. All sizes in the Spirit collection come in a 2,150g/m2 weight that brings great durability in busy family rooms.


Featuring a trendy patchwork damask, tribal effect chevron and a delightful over-scale floral, Eternity brings a palette of sophisticated deep reds and greys for rugs that will look fabulous in homes wanting timeless and luxurious textiles with a nod towards classic design cues. Made in Europe from easy to live with durable and bleach-resistant polypropylene in a hefty 2,350g/m2 weight, this is a collection that lives up to its name, despite its excellent value.


There is no denying the stunning floral designs of Noble are distinctly contemporary, over-scaled silhouette-like designs delightfully elegant in beautiful pastels and sophisticated greys captured in a super-thick shagpile construction. Perfect for contemporary homes wanting a soft and ethereal quality for their rug, this collection comes in bleach-resistant 100% polypropylene for easy living. Made in Europe in a 2,305g/m2 weight, Noble will bring luxurious levels of underfoot comfort no matter what the setting.


Proving that simple solid colours can be just as daring as complex patterns and with a shaggy texture that creates a fun filled and relaxed style, Jazz certainly proves that comfortable doesn’t have to be boring. From eye-popping apple to regal plum and jet black, as well as neutral ivory and latte, Jazz is available in a great range of colours that include choices for the bold and not so bold. Made from 100% bleach cleanable polypropylene, this collection’s delightful shaggy texture enchants at every opportunity. Jazz comes in a 2,350g/m2 weight that sees it great for use in busy family homes.


Incredibly soft and with a glamorous silk-like shimmer that gives this collection its name, these indulgent shaggy rugs constantly shift character as day turns to night, playing with light as they take on a personality unique to your home. With a modern and fresh aesthetic in colours from chocolate and mushroom to striking vibrant and teal, Shimmer is made from 100% polyester, giving vibrant colour and keeping easy to clean all the while feeling incredibly luxurious. Shimmer comes in a 3,435g/m2 weight and can be used throughout the home.


With a sense of traditional heartfelt country style, County features a range of exquisite designs that will lift you on even the gloomiest of days. From provincial French country style to classic check and elegant florals, this collection is packed full of great statements in style. Woven for great design clarity, County is made in Europe from 100% bleach resistant polypropylene for easy living. The collection comes in a value orientated 1,447g/m2 weight and can be used right throughout the home.


Minimal contemporary tonal design and the gorgeous textural detailing of flatweave styles come together in this elegant rendition perfect for adding a layer of comfort and warmth in modern homes. Available in three strong and precise neutrals in cream, chocolate and grey, this is a collection focused and clear in its stance as a modern take on textile creativity. Made in Europe from 100% bleach cleanable polypropylene for ease of living, Elegance comes in a 1,500 g/m2 weight that’s great for use right throughout the home.


We've been designing and weaving rugs since the 1930's, so we'd like to think we know what makes a great rug. We fell in love with rugs when we realised they could transform a room instantly. You can warm up a minimalist space in seconds, just by throwing down a deep, thick pile rug. Obviously, they're also good for covering up shabby old, thread-bare carpet too.

We do the cool stuff, like Belle, Geometric, Nomadic and Serengeti... But we mix this up a little and weave the traditional stuff too like Jewel. What we love about Jewel is, your granny would love to place it in front of the mantelpiece, but your quirky friend would place it in her vintage, shabby chic bedroom and it would look great in both spaces