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Versatile Flooring for Multifunctional Rooms
January 1st, 2021

Multifunctional rooms are a nifty way to make your space go further. By combining different uses into one room, such as doubling up your garage as a home office or transforming your living room to a playroom, it's like having two rooms in one.

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to best utilise your space, it’s important you consider which versatile flooring will meet your needs. Read on as we explore your best practical yet stylish options to use your traditional rooms in non-traditional ways.

How to make your space go further

Making your space work harder for your home doesn’t have to be hard to do, as our lifestyles change and adapt, new factors may have to be considered when thinking about your future interior choices. For example, opting for a softer vinyl flooring in your kitchen if you now have little feet running around, easy-to-clean laminate flooring in the living room as that’s now somewhere you dine, or tougher engineered flooring in your conservatory as this has now become your space to meditate – our homes’ purpose changes as we change so it’s important you keep up to meet your evolving needs.

In the past few years there has been a gradual shift in how we use our homes. More and more rooms have become multi-functional due to the increasing demands of everyday life. This was initially influenced by limited space and resolving this issue by creating two rooms in one – an increasingly popular and practical solution.

One of the best ways to do this is with adaptable furniture, for example, doubling up your living room as a dining room with a folding table that’s easy to extend depending on how many people are there.

But 2020 pushed our homes to work harder than ever. Dining tables and kitchen breakfast bars have doubled as homeschooling stations, bathrooms have been transformed into private spas (a much-needed escape for many) and nearly every nook has merged into a home office space.

How to make your living room work for you

Making your living room work for you requires a little consideration – what do you mainly use this space for? From watching television to dining or from playing with your little ones to socialising in your free time, our living rooms have ever more become the central hub of our home. As a result of this space becoming increasingly multifunctional, flexibility is key to creating a purposeful yet stylish room that meets all your everyday demands.

If durability is what you’re after, look no further than our household favourite: engineered wood flooring. Renowned for its solid wood appearance, hardwearing nature and stability, this flooring type will serve you for many years to come. Available in any colour you could wish for, from beautiful brights to atmospheric darks. You’ll be spoilt for choice with all the styles at your fingertips when it comes to picking your new dream living room floor.

Have your kids turned your home into their playground? Or even an arts and crafts room? Any of this sound familiar? Not to worry, a waterproof luxury vinyl floor can help you avoid disasters when those inevitable spills and mishaps happen. Vinyl flooring is loved for being 100% waterproof, pet-friendly, and easy to look after – ideal for busy homes looking for a fuss-free floor. We also have DIY-friendly options available too so you can have it laid in no time.

How to make the most out of your office

Making the most out of your home office is becoming increasingly important as many of us have moved to homeworking in recent times. It’s important to set up a flexible, dedicated space that is both practical and inspiring but that also works with your current room functionality.

If you don’t have the luxury of a spare room that can be converted into an office, rest assured it’s easier than you may think to create a homeworking hub. Have you considered transforming your breakfast bar into a breakout area or perhaps your dining room into an office table? There are so many options for utilising the space you already have without having to make huge adjustments or renovations.

How to transform your room into a gym

Many of us wish to have our very own home gym as its cost-saving, convenient and promotes a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be pleased to know our wide range of flooring options make this possible, so you can transform your garage storage space to a workout zone or perhaps your conservatory can double up as a yoga room.

How to make your bathroom multifunctional

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have your own spa? Well now you can, after all, a long, hot soak offers a much-needed escape, so making your bathroom bubble-friendly with a waterproof vinyl is a must.

Having your very own bathroom spa will also be incredibly beneficial to your wellbeing, find out all our top tips to creating your very own wellbeing sanctuary in our guide.

How can your floor help you get the most from your space?

Utilising varying floor types can help you divide up your space. With open plan living becoming more and more popular, a change in floor surface between designated areas can help make those areas perform better. After all, you might still want a cosy carpet in your lounge but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a practical laminate in your dining room and kitchen whilst enjoying all the benefits open plan living offers.

More time at home inevitably results in more traffic, so for those busy areas such as your hallway may benefit from a lacquered engineered wood floor, as it’s known and loved for being incredibly hard-wearing, whilst offering a beautifully inviting entrance to your home.

Making the most out of your space is both rewarding and refreshing, after all, you deserve a transformation.