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6 Vinyl Colour Ideas
August 1st, 2021

6 Vinyl Colour Ideas

Vinyl flooring comes in a range of styles and colours designed to meet your dream flooring needs. No matter your room size, desired atmosphere or personal style, we’ve got you covered.

So if you’re looking to create a snug and cosy feel, our dark vinyls will do just that and if you’d like to enhance your space with an airy feel, our light and white vinyls will be the ones for you. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to create a neutral base and use your walls and furnishings to inject some colour, a grey vinyl floor would be the perfect way to do this.

When it comes to your home interior and individual colour palette, we’re confident we’ve got a vinyl you’re going to floor in love with. Read on as we explore all of the plentiful options that you can make your own.

Grey vinyl

There are endless options when it comes to styling grey your way. Grey is everywhere right now and it’s easy to see why. It’s neutrality and versatility are what make it a household favourite across the country. With different tones and variations of grey to choose from it offers something for everyone. Each of these tones work with a catalogue of colours – a light grey vinyl floor has a cooler tone, so it pairs well with warmer colours such as plum or mustard yellow and a dark grey vinyl floor will complement lighter furnishings to balance it out. Mixing up the textures with your soft furnishings will also add a new dimension to your room.

With shades from charcoal right through to tones of silver, grey is a hugely versatile hue. Adding depth and interest, the colour can be introduced to any existing scheme. Vinyl works well in a whole host of rooms, so why not go for a light grey wood-effect in your hallway or a moody grey tile effect in your bathroom? The choice is yours.

For your wall colours you can go bold with yellows and pinks to help the room feel larger regardless of the tone of grey. Whites and creams are also great for promoting light, while beige can help a space feel warm and elegant. You can follow similar rules when picking furniture and accents, although having some darker colours in there can help break up more vibrant colour schemes.

If you want to add some warmth on top of a grey floor, adding rugs, blankets, and cushions with warm tones is a simple way to achieve this. Bringing in some wooden furniture will also help.

White vinyl

Think light, bright, and white. Opting for a white vinyl floor can be compared to creating a blank canvas in your room, you can pair any colour furniture, wallpaper, rug or curtains you wish with a white floor as it goes with absolutely everything. White floors are perfect if you like to mix it up so you will never get bored!

White floors are perfect for brightening up a room, and making it feel more spacious – ideal if you’re working in a small space. Another top tip for making a smaller room appear more spacious is by introducing reflective surfaces such as mirrors or mirrored furniture.

Light coloured vinyl

Styling up a light-coloured vinyl floor couldn’t be easier. As they’re well known for making spaces appear bigger and creating a bright feel, light coloured floors work brilliantly with lots of styles. If you’re looking for something to lift your space, perhaps in a room with low levels of natural light, then these floors are well worth considering.

Try a light-coloured floor with dark furniture for a rich looking contrast or alternatively keep within a similar tone for an even more space-enhancing effect. Our light coloured vinyls are available in a whole host of looks all with an authentic finish. One of our most loved options is our stone effect floor which gives off an ultra-modern vibe that makes it fantastic choice for modern minimalist or industrial interior schemes.

Natural coloured vinyl

When it comes to setting a relaxing mood, nothing quite hits the mark like natural flooring. Bringing balance, a natural coloured vinyl floor will make for a room you want to spend time in. With plenty of wood effect and limestone looks to shop you’ll be able to get the look you love with all the added practicalities of vinyl.

The warming tone of natural coloured vinyl is perfect for cosy areas in your home, such as your living room or bedroom.

Dark coloured vinyl

For a look that’s packed with character, dark tones are a great way to hold a scheme together. From rich, coffee browns and caramels, to alluring chocolate hues, we offer a wide selection of darker styles that bring a dramatic feel.

The great thing about darker coloured floors is they work in all room sizes, but for different reasons. When used in small spaces such as a snug or hallway, they instantly create a cosy feel as opposed to in more spacious rooms such as your living room or bedroom, which then work to create a homely atmosphere.

Dark floors are bursting with character, interest, and dimension, making them the perfect addition to all interior styles. Pairing them with lighter coloured furniture and accessories will make for a wonderful contrast. Alternatively, using similar rich tones such as opulent reds, forest greens, and deep plums will make for a room of dreams.

Patterned vinyl

If you’re feeling a little more daring, a patterned vinyl floor may be the way to go to add some extra personality into your home. Patterned flooring can work wonders on the illusion of space in a smaller room, particularly diamond patterns. Laying flooring diagonally elongates the area and this trick works for all kinds of flooring too, such as herringbone flooring.

Picking a tile that will stand the test of time both in quality and style is essential when you’re searching for patterned flooring. Contemporary tile design is ideal for many rooms in your home, including your bathroom, hallway, and kitchen.

Our funky, on-trend Vitality Columba range comprises of our Boho Tile – designed for those who have a simultaneous love for an on-trend antique yet modern look, Trellis Tile – for those of you who want to incorporate colour, character and jazziness into your room and Chequer Tile – perfect for monochromatic lovers who are looking to make a statement or perhaps a grand entrance in their hallway.

Patterned flooring is a fantastic way of making a neutral space, a room full of life and interest. Choosing a tiled design that will add something special couldn’t be easier as you don’t have to already have an existing colour scheme in place, you can really go for whichever takes your fancy – bold and colourful or subtle and thought-provoking.

Still unsure? Why not see before you try with our handy Room Visualiser tool that lets you use our floors in your home in the touch of a button – so you can be sure you’ve found your match.

Feeling inspired to recreate some of these looks in your own home? We’d love to see them, don’t forget to share your room transformations by tagging us over on Instagram @uk_flooring_direct.