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5 Bedroom Carpet Ideas
July 1st, 2021

There is no place in your home that feels as welcoming and relaxed as your bedroom, the bastion of a good night’s sleep and the hub from which your day begins. That’s why carpet is the ideal flooring choice for this most special of rooms – peerless warmth, unmistakable softness, and one-of-a-kind comfort that all make for a perfect start and end to any day.

It’s natural when decorating your bedroom to put a bit of yourself into the décor and allow yourself to be reflected in the room. That’s why we’ve assembled five inspirational ideas to help find your style and get you started on the road to bedroom bliss.

What type of carpet is best for your bedroom?

It’s helpful to know the different pile types that carpet comes in whether you have decided on colour or not. These are loop, a durable option ideal for high traffic areas, twist, a hard-wearing and comfortable choice for busy homes and pet owners, and saxony, a sumptuously soft option and our recommendation for any bedroom.

All the saxony carpets under our Home Choice brand have individually cut fibres to create a deep, plush pile that delivers transcendent comfort. With a softness you can feel by simply running your fingers through the fibres, there can be no finer feeling for weary feet making their way to bed.

With so many colour options available under this pile type, you’ll have no reason not to go saxony and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. You can read everything you need to know about carpets to find out even more about pile types.

Grey bedroom carpet

No choice of colour is quite as on-trend and versatile as grey is. You can play this perfect neutral however you like in your bedroom – taking a lighter toned grey carpet like our Home Choice Madrid Oscuro Carpet and pairing it with a warmer colour like mustard yellow in your walls, curtains, and bedding is a great way to make something sophisticated. Conversely, go with a darker grey carpet like Home Choice Washington Liberty Carpet and make a space that feels instantly cosy while still oozing luxury.

Black bedroom carpet

Nothing creates a truer sense of opulence in a room quite like the sultry dark tones of a black carpet. Not only will its hue help to bring a warm, snug, cosy vibe into your bedroom but the colour pairs with a diverse range of colours. Take a nice deep black carpet like Home Choice Dublin Guinea and pepper metallic and reflective surfaces throughout alongside lightly coloured blankets, bedding, and shaggy rugs to create a feel of sophisticated luxury you can melt into at the end of the day.

Cream bedroom carpet

If you want to glow-up your bedroom into a bright and shining sanctuary, then a cream carpet like our Home Choice Montreal Jazz Carpet is for you. Its tone will help promote light in any room, making it feel instantly more open and spacious. You can effortlessly enhance this effect by decorating your room with similar shades of cream, as well as white and ivory, and adding in some mirrors to let the light bounce around.

Pink bedroom carpet

If you feel like you want something more colourful to anchor your bedroom décor round, then don’t sleep on what the delightful tones of a pink carpet can do for you. Our Home Choice Cardigan Rose Carpet is a versatile option, creating a bright and spacious vibe when used alongside white walls and light décor and a cosy, opulent aura with mid-to-dark tone greys.

Alternatively, just go completely bold with your interior design by layering in bright green, yellow, and even purple to make something especially vibrant.

Whatever inspiration calls you in with its siren song, we would love to see how you make these looks work in your home – share your room transformations with us on Instagram by tagging us @uk_flooring_direct.