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Get The Look - Monotone Mood
July 1st, 2020

Our latest mood board plays on the simple, the sort of design that's fresh, clean and refreshingly to the point. This time we're trialling white, although you can test out this style in an array of shades from punchy purples to gratuitous greens.

From SMEG mini fridges to Ice watches and smart TV's, a white accessory exists for almost any purpose, usually with chrome accents to extenuate this sleekest of looks. In fact, it doesn't have to be chrome; the combination of white with any of your favourite metals should be considered a timeless classic, within an altogether contemporary realm.

It's difficult not getting caught up in this sheer consumerism, but there is some proper design business to be done here.

Despite the presence of the iconic Charles Eames design chair, this theme is distinctly contemporary. The chair represents a classy (and welcome) nod to the past, but nothing more when it comes to modern monotone style.

However you choose to accessorise, monotone involves the use of one colour and one colour only - or so it does traditionally. At The Inspiration Centre, we're advocates of balance, and it could be a great idea to use black accent furnishings and accessories for contrast.

How about a feature wall or statement furniture get creative here and find a centrepiece that will draw attention the moment guests walk through the door. Smooth surfaces normally win over fabrics as keeping the latter looking fresh is a challenge.

To achieve the popular washed' look underfoot, try Oak White from our Series Woods laminate range, the perfect accompaniment if headed down the white route. This laminate is a superb representation of oak, with impressive wear ratings, click installation and price points only adding to the appeal. The delightful Maestro Plain Ivory rug is also available from UKFD, should added warmth be required.

The definition of monotone reads as follows: without colour or variety; dull', but this perception of the theme as being dull or boring couldn't be further from the truth. This is a chance for readers to gain a striking minimalistic effect without any complex design work, whether it's white, black, blue monotone is here to stay, this modern approach a breakaway from our more traditional articles.