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Flooring inspiration
Get The Look - Retro Mood
July 1st, 2020

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice we've featured retro in the past, however it's made such a resurgence we thought we could get away with a cheeky re-visit!

This is one of those timeless themes that keep springing up, a constant amidst a sea of passing fads. This time we've created a retro mood board to further your inspiration, so take a peak at the lovely smattering of ideas we've put together above.

The aim of this piece isn't to promote products, rather to inspire you in your quest for design greatness. We're talking pastel shades in your fridges, toasters and general appliances, diner stools, pop art accessories... if you take a look to the right, you'll also find some flooring to match your fab new style.

If you've got a classic piece of furniture like a Charles Eames design chair then there's really no reason to conform, so why do it? This isn't change for change's sake, this is change to help your home stand out from the rest and in some style!

We're over dull interiors, so why not opt for a retro mix-up? You don't have to match the lifestyle shots showcased (however great they may look!), take the plunge and put your own twist on things.

There are few themes out there that match retro' for sheer fun when it comes to research. You never know when that perfect item is going to fall into your path, but that's what's exciting about the whole design process. This is an inexact yet beautiful science.