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Green With Envy
October 1st, 2021

Green with envy

When we think of the calm and harmony of nature, no colour comes quicker to mind than green and its many alluring shades. An emblem of the world just beyond our doorstep, green represents wellness being as we associate it with all things bright and beautiful.

It’s hard to resist bringing a colour so versatile and so wholesome into your home. We’re here to help you start living greener with your interior design and create a style that will leave others green with envy.

Why go green?

The colour green, as mentioned, represents not only nature but also wellbeing whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. It can fit into any mood you want with all the shades beneath its leafy umbrella, from lively and energized lime to calm and harmonious sage.

No matter what effect you want, green always makes for a joyful addition to any room that effortlessly brings in both energy and light.

Using green flooring

If you want a little green in your floor, there’s no better way to do so than with a carpet. Whether you fancy a deep, forest tone or something lighter and a bit more playful, you can make it work for your room. You can really emphasise the naturalistic elements by going for a wool or wool mix carpet in this colour, such as our Home Choice London Wimbledon Green carpet.

Create a cosy space with mid-to-dark tone greys or a dark, blue-led colour palette, evoking an exotic rainforest atmosphere to make any room feel like an escape. Alternatively try light and neutral tones in your walls and furnishings to create a bright and botanical vibe to enjoy. Folding in the natural look of wood through your furniture and skirting, as well as earthy rattan and wicker looks, is a fantastic way to enhance this look.

If you have exposed brick walls then you have a license to really play with natural and earthy looks, working in burgundy tones to make something cosy out of this industrial and botanical hybrid.

Working with green walls

Green walls, ironically, open doors for your interior design especially when it comes to flooring. Balance out deeper and earthier greens in your walls with a grey or cream carpet, whether you are using the colour throughout or just for a feature wall. You could alternatively lead your room deeper into these cosier moods with a real wood floor or wood-effect laminate and luxury vinyl. Use the latter in bathrooms, where with its 100% waterproof nature it can help create a personal sanctuary alongside sage green walls for a spa-like feel.

Brighter greens, especially lime, lend themselves effortlessly to modern looks and are an ideal accent for kitchens. Lean into that contemporary luxury with stone-effect and marble-effect rigid core vinyl in your floors and for your work surfaces. White surfaces and metallic accents, whether in kitchens or any other room, lend to this modern look whilst also leaning into the sense of zen minimalism that’s synonymous with nature-led interiors.

Green accessories and your home

No matter the room you’re looking to make a little greener, there are plenty of subtle ways you can introduce it to your colour palette. Soft furnishings are an ideal way to use the colour with anything from sofas to armchairs, curtains to cushions.

Of course, nothing says green quite like actual greenery. Bring an actual bit of nature into your home for the most authentic effect and add in anything from a full-sized house plant in the corner, to some low-maintenance cacti you can slip onto shelves, to hanging pots along your walls.

However you want to use green to bring a little bit of the natural world into your home, it’s a versatile colour that lends itself to cosy, modern, and minimalist looks alike. You’ll also find plenty of advice to help you style your home in our Inspiration Centre, with everything from capturing current trends to using specific colours to their fullest potential.