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Guest Stylist Stephanie Moore
July 1st, 2020

Each month UK Flooring Direct welcomes a Guest Stylist from the world of interior design to bring a sprinkling of stardust to the Inspiration Centre. This time we’re delighted to welcome Stephanie Moore, founder of the Renovation Bay-Bee home and family blog, to talk us through a living room scheme in time for sunny summer.

"Now the warmer months are here I think it is time to bring a shot of summer into our living rooms. It is so easy to concentrate our time on the garden and being outdoors, that we forget about the inside of our home. However, being in the UK means it's not always beautiful sunshine and we do get the rainy days. So, instead of spending your time indoors thinking about how grey it is, bring some much-needed brightness into the home!

While I was looking around at what styles would work for the summer, I came across a hot pink and grey. I am a big fan of grey at the moment, and I am using it in my home quite a bit. It works so well with different colours, which means you could easily bring in warmer colours for the winter and bright colours for the summer.

Below is my mood board of suggestions to bring a shot of summer into your home.

With large furniture, it is best to go for your neutral colour, in this instance a grey sofa from LOAF works so well. This is an expensive item that you won't want to change, however, you’ll be able to change your colour scheme around it.

Again, keep your main walls a neutral colour; I chose my paint from Mylands Paints who have a great range of colours to choose from but I loved “Grey Hints”. A subtle grey so you can concentrate on adding your colours in elsewhere.

Your floor is another area you won’t want to change often. UK Flooring Direct’s selection of grey floors will be a timeless addition to any room and complement this colour scheme well.

Now time to inject colour. A great way to do this is with your accessories, so don't be afraid to be daring. Items from Out There Interiors will provide a talking point for your visitors. Adding a rug completely changes the look of the room but can also be functional for keeping your feet warm or for the kids to sit and play on.

Adding a large mirror to the room will bounce off all the beautiful summer sunshine we get, making your room much lighter; which is marvellous if you are unable to get out or having a day at home. I have also picked out a funky lampshade for an extra touch!

Curtains are another way of bringing colour into your room, these beauties also bringing a softness through the subtlety of the flowers. If you want to express yourself then why not introduce curtains for both summer and winter?

Talking of flowers, they are a great way of getting summery shades into the home. Get a large vase and fill it with big full blooms. I love peonies or roses; they smell lovely but present some wonderful tones. Set them pride of place and enjoy!

I also picked out a funky flower lampshade to go with the design. I love choosing pieces that give people something to talk about, and I think this one tops off the scheme in fabulous fashion!"

If Stephanie’s article has inspired you, you can shop our floors here.