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How to Create a Wellbeing Sanctuary
January 1st, 2021

Transforming your home into a wellbeing sanctuary and creating a tranquil space is easier than you think. It just takes a couple of little tweaks to turn your home from chaos to calm.

Giving yourself some much needed me-time is so important, there’s no better feeling than closing that front door behind you and breathing out a sense of relief to be reacquainted with your haven. Though once you’ve created the ultimate wellness sanctuary, you may never want to leave…

So, what can your home and floor do for you? Let’s explore all the possibilities you can enjoy.

What coloured floors are calming?

For an instant calming feel as soon as you step in, opt for earthy tones and natural coloured flooring, as when it comes to setting a relaxing mood, nothing quite hits the mark like natural flooring. Bring balance into your home with the natural beauty of real wood, or if you’re looking for a more practical option you could always go for a versatile laminate.

Our flooring is also available in bright white for an elegant and understated cool look that can instantly lift darker spaces. Alternatively, our range of light floors help spaces appear bigger whilst creating a uplifting feel. For rooms with low light levels, these floors are certainly worth considering to help you generate a sense of zen and openness.

Flooring can really set the tone for the rest of the room so it’s important you go for the flooring that best suits you and your interior style. Looking for a little inspiration? Shop by colour and see what takes your fancy.

Which flooring will make me feel most at ease?

Incorporating real wood flooring helps you to bring the outdoors in – perfect for the rooms you instantly associate with relaxation and rest, such as your living room or your bedroom.

Considering underlay with acoustic properties for your new flooring, such as our Cushion Acoustic Gold Underlay, could be very beneficial for your wellbeing, as a quieter home can help you feel more peaceful. It also gives you more opportunity to hear your own thoughts and spend time on a me-time activity such as reading.

How can I create a calming area in my home?

One of the most guaranteed ways to create a calming space is through the incorporation of cosy furnishings, fabrics and textures. All of which contribute to a feeling of comfort, luxuriousness, and most importantly relaxation.

Layering up with throws and pillows and adding an area rug to your natural flooring will only enhance the hygge feeling. If you’re not familiar with the term hygge, it’s a Danish and Norwegian word used to describe a mood of quality cosiness and comfort that brings with it a feeling of contentment or wellbeing – the more of that the better!

Another great tip for feeling on top of everything is by putting things in their place to eliminate unnecessary clutter that can build up overtime, creating unwelcome mess – after all a tidy space is a tidy mind! By having a place for everything and everything in its place, it’ll help you feel like you have it all in order – the perfect equation for promoting mindfulness.

This is also a very helpful working from home tip, as the two environments inevitably overlap when you’re working in your home, it’s important to keep that separation, which is easier to do when all of your work-related items have their own place that doesn’t invade into your personal space.

Bringing the outside in by adding greenery into your home can offer a whole host of benefits. Plants not only help with air purifying and oxygenation, both of which promote mindfulness, but they also help to brighten the home and boost your mood – making for a happier, healthier you.

We often associate taking a long, hot soak in the bath with a chance to unwind. So why not enhance this feeling of relaxation by turning your bathroom into a home spa? Think waterfall showers, and long hot baths complete with a rigid core vinyl to allow underfloor heating for an added touch of luxury.

Wellbeing comes in all shapes and sizes depending on what works for you, exercise can be extremely beneficial to many, for example yoga can help to centre yourself and quieten your mind. Creating your own workout space at home could work wonders for your mental health.

If you’re looking to create such a designated area in your home, a strong contender for your floor would be vinyl flooring due to its vast list of benefits including: 100% waterproof, it’s easy to maintain, scratch-resistant and slip-resistant options are available.

We hope after reading our Wellbeing Sanctuary at Home guide you’ve picked up a handful of tips you’re going to utilise in your own home, so you too can always feel like you can successfully switch off.