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Top Trends for Winter
November 1st, 2021

Top Trends for Winter

A lot of the current interior trends for winter are based around mixing complementing textures, bringing several international influences into your home and incorporating earthy tones.

We’ve rounded up the top must-have interior trends for winter so you’re always one step ahead. Discover which trend will work best for you and your style.

Mixed textures

Creating interest and intrigue in your home can be easily done through the mixture of textures, colours, and materials which are renowned for elevating a space’s style. There are multiple ways to incorporate this trend into your home, through soft furnishings, shaggy rugs, and carpets, from short and hard-wearing to soft and luxurious. Layering textures achieves this maximalism inspired trend, which promotes incredible craftmanship and durability for the best of both worlds. Selecting the right materials and knowing how to mix them is key to a timeless design.

For style and substance, our Home Choice Dublin Shore Beige Twist is a classic wall-to-wall carpet, whilst deep pile carpets such as our Home Choice Madrid Capital Cream Saxony, are popular in bedrooms as they’re super soft underfoot. If you’re after something a little more luxurious and textured underfoot, discover the pinnacle of luxury carpeted flooring with our incredible range of wool carpets.

Carpets have really evolved as an interior trend throughout the year, as natural materials have grown in popularity as we all focus more on sustainability. So it’s not surprising carpets are making a huge comeback.

Another way you can incorporate the use of natural materials is with characterful solid wood, or even the look of them with flooring options such as DIY-friendly laminate and striking stone-effect vinyl. Marrying any of these varying textured floors with different materials within your furniture creates a funky and individual look that’ll have your home bang on-trend.

Global influence

Inspired by earthy colour palettes and warm, natural textures, Global Influence is a key interior trend that is set to be incredibly popular this winter. It perfectly pairs together wooden, rattan, and woven accessories and can be easily bought into your home. This trend is all about capturing a multi-cultural aesthetic with styles used and loved all around the globe.

Giving a broad taste of what Global Influence includes, it has best been described as: “Taking influence from nature, nostalgia and the desire for a tropical getaway, living spaces will reflect the current situation we are faced with, embracing calming colour palettes and familiar patterns that create a sanctuary in any home.” [credit:]

As this interior trend takes inspiration from around the world, here’s how you can get the look of some of those regions. If you’re thinking of creating a certain je ne sais quoi with French influences, then opting for sophisticated materials such as glass, crystal and marble would work. Perhaps your interior style is more South-East-Asian, which is all about bright colours, maximalist design, and tropical patterns.

Earthy, grounded colour tones

Earthy, grounded tones have been trending for quite a while and will definitely be sticking around beyond the winter months. Think moss greens, golden beiges, and warming mauves for the tones that will help you nail this trend. Loved for their comforting and welcoming properties, they make the perfect shade for your living room or bedrooms.

One of the first predicters of these timeless, adaptable hues was Dulux, who announced their Colour of The Year 2021 – Brave Ground. A beautifully versatile hue that can be adapted in any room of the home, that provides a feeling of comfort and safety. From then on, it’s inspired interior design up and down the country as it’s just so easy to incorporate into your existing décor.

Earthy tones also promote wellness and are strongly linked to brining the outdoors in and in turn How to Create a Wellbeing Sanctuary.

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