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Trending – Back to Black
November 1st, 2020

Black is certainly making a comeback with the pages of interior magazines and posts of influencers featuring sophisticated textured takes on this bold hue. These textures create layers of the colour, each with their take on introducing this dramatic colour into your home. Read on for our top tips on how you can effortlessly make a black palette work in any room makeover.

How to introduce a black palette into your home

How you introduce it into your home is down to you. You can go all-in with all black everything or take it back a notch or two and let key black pieces do the talking.

Paint is an easy way to try out the trend and, with a colour as bold as black, choosing the right finish can have a big impact on the feel of your space. Light absorbing finishes such as chalk and matte give a cocooning effect, while satin and gloss finishes bounce light to give a sleek modern feel.

Things to consider

If you are considering going down this route, it’s well worth having a long think, as it’s best executed floor to ceiling; letting the different textures of your floor, walls and features create definition within the space. Of course, the consensus is that dark colours really shouldn’t be used in smaller rooms, as they make everything feel even smaller, but with a careful selection of finish and the right accessories, you can even use black to give your small spaces an alluring look. If you’ve got a nook or box room that you’re eager to turn into a cosy workspace or reading area, then black is a great way to make everything feel super snug.

Added extras and finishing touches

Getting it right is about using different shades and textures of black. Along with furniture that adds glamour and textiles in a richer palette, the effect can be wonderfully opulent. While a bold approach will lead to maximum drama and intrigue, you can also use the colour more sparingly, bringing it into a more neutral scheme.

Think of it as a way of bringing attention to areas and adding depth to your room, whether that’s a luxurious retro black leather sofa or painted kitchen cupboards, a roll-top bath, or even velvet drapes. The colour goes with almost any other, so you can add touches of it throughout your home without overly worrying, all the while adding a sense of elegant sophistication.

Black is back

Through layers of texture in floors, walls, and furnishings you can welcome the luxury of the shade in a way that feels modern and fresh. No matter how far you choose to take the colour in your home – black is back. If you want to introduce the tone on your floor, check out our great selection in our Shop by Colour guide.