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Trending – Luxe Revival
November 1st, 2020

Taking a twist on retro styling that proved itself successful in recent years, Luxe Revival injects glamour with a hint of 1920s Hollywood. Focusing on luxury velvets, metallics and vintage palettes. The rich and decadent homes of movie stars are the inspiration behind this trend with modern interpretations making it accessible in today’s homes. Read on for our top tips on how this trend could work in your home.

What is Luxe Revival?

Luxe Revival is perfect if you’re wanting to create an aspirational aesthetic in your home while having fun with accessories, layers, and furniture. A style that’s accessible for all budgets. Social media has been awash with curved furniture that mixes metallics and luxurious velvet upholstery in bottle greens, dusty pinks, and midnight blues. Side tables with marble tops, glass or dark woods have taken centre stage along with metallic hints in accessories such as cushions, mirrors, and pouffes.

Accessories, accessories…

Luxe Revival has also fuelled a rise in cocktail-esque furniture, mirrored panels, and metal detailing. Window seating dressed with throws and cushions can provide a relaxed feel, or why not try a chaise longue which is synonymous with the 1920s – another great way to achieve the look.

This versatile trend works with numerous palettes and can be easily adapted to suit your style. Walls in dark, green tones provide a contrast to mirrored furniture, crystal lights, frames, and accessories. Bringing the trend through your furniture can be incredibly effective, layering with luxurious textural patterns and finishes. The use of cushions with metallic thread details against crisp linen tones add quick impact to seating areas

Things to consider

Consider the layers you are adding to your interior. Faux furs or sheepskins add warmth and a sense of textural depth, dark velvets – such as rich racing greens and chocolate fabrics can simply be added with your cushion choices. Partnering with gold star-burst mirrors to draw the focus, as the mirror bounces light around the room to act as a contrast to the dark walls.

Working these dark schemes with white-washed or bleached wood floors keeps the look elegant and fresh. To complete the feel, it’s important to source unique items such as brass hand sculptures, glass jars, candlesticks, and prints. They also create a talking point and a wow-factor, whilst injecting personality.

Hollywood at home

Luxe Revival is a growing response to influencer and homeowners needs for relaxing, comforting spaces that create a haven away from hectic lives without compromising on luxury and indulgence. The Hollywood feel that was once unobtainable can now be enjoyed in any size room, making this a must-have look for homeowners who love the glamour.

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