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Trending - Shades of Grey
July 1st, 2020

In colour psychology, grey is the tone representing peace and balance, and that's a feeling that's emanated through the office as we've put together this latest trend piece.

Grey is becoming more and more prominent as homeowners come to the realisation that beige has had its day, a movement that began in the world of carpets but has slowly moved into alternative realms. As UK Flooring Direct’s home of inspiration, we'll be exploring flooring choice in due course, but first we must assess what we wish to achieve from our foray into all things grey.

Grey is surprising in its versatility, hues ranging from the very pale to the dark and mysterious. Either way, greys tend to be subtle and understated with a modern, minimalistic feel. They are also particularly apt in south-facing rooms, where an abundance of light allows for the use of both warm and cool variations.

Our showcase shot shows just how great grey can be when used well, and below we've put together a starter pack for those looking to create the perfect grey-inspired bedroom setting.

If you're pressed for time, really prioritise your walls to avoid making a costly error. A mix of light and dark greys can complement each other, the hues above 'Misty Mountain' and 'Monument Grey' from the ever-reliable Dulux (Farrow & Ball and Little Greene are on hand if budget allows)! With grey, accent colours should be infrequent to maintain the look's slick nature; green and turquoise tend to work especially well.

Continuing the contemporary vibe, Series Woods laminate in Grey Oak could be the perfect fit for your living spaces, again showcased above. A particularly 'clean' choice, this flooring is great for modern properties from the chic loft apartment to the larger new-build.

If a clean feel is not your bag, however, it may be worth looking to UK Flooring Direct's wood range for a more appropriate look underfoot. Here you will find an array of more distressed flooring options, still grey in hue, that could provide you with a more homely touch. This, along with a vintage bathtub, or perhaps the seagrass wicker basket from Argos, and you're putting your stamp on what is a versatile theme.

Whites, creams, and beiges are all well and good, but why not bring your living space into the new year with a shift to grey. However you choose to implement, this is a neutral scheme allowing you to adapt and change with time. Greys and silvers are the “in” thing right now, an impactful yet safe option that promises longevity.