The Education Centre: Choosing a light or dark floor?

Not only will your interior decoration dictate whether you have a light or dark floor, so will the level of natural daylight and size of your room. Remember that a dark floor may look dramatic next to vibrant fabrics and strong wall colours, but it will also make the space feel smaller, so it is best avoided in smaller rooms. Here, light floors help to create a sense of space. In rooms with small windows, or lowlevels of daylight, then lighter coloured floors should really be chosen to make the room feel brighter.

Light or Dark rooms?

You can divide shades into three main groups - brights, neutrals and darks - depending on the look you want this can be a great way of narrowing down your choice and ensuring you get the right feel for your new floor.

Bright colours


Great for making small rooms feel bigger and maximising light.

Neutral Colours


Great for creating a warm and balanced feel in most rooms

Dark colours


Great for creating maximum drama in rooms with lots of light