The Education Centre: How to choose oiled or lacquered

Oiled Flooring
Brushed and oiled floors have a beautiful natural appearance that adds a classic or characterful look and feel to your floor.

Lacquered Flooring
Smooth and lacquered floors have a more uniform look, with a less pronounced grain to give a more contemporary feel. Acting as a barrier between the wood and everything that it meets – finishes can help extend the life of your floor whilst maintaining its original beauty.

The benefits of investing in laminate and luxury vinyl, are they’re both low maintenance with a durable finish. Making them the perfect option for those high traffic areas, such as the kitchen or hallway. Also ideal for the demands of family life as spillages can be easily dealt with thanks to their typically lacquered finish.

Whereas with solid wood and engineered wood it’s important to choose your finish based on your lifestyle and the environment in which the flooring will be used. For example, will it be used in a low-traffic room or a high-traffic room? Oiled finishes are best used in less functional rooms of the house as they require more maintenance if they’re not looked after properly. We explore more of the differences between finishes below.

Lacquered finishes

A lacquered finish forms a coat on top of the surface of the wood, helping to protect it from wear and making it easier to clean. As a lacquered coating adds an incredibly shiny and smooth finish, extra care is needed to prevent unwanted dents and scratches which can easily appear if precautions aren’t taken to protect it, such as felt tips on the base of your furniture.

Lacquered Finishes

Oiled finishes

An oiled finish uses the natural permeability of wood to provide a degree of protection without losing the beautiful natural feel and matte look. Brushed and oiled floors have beautiful natural appearance that adds a classic or character mood to your floor. Our Woca Maintenance Kit for Oil Floors is the perfect solution to maintain the finish of oiled flooring.

Oiled Finishes

For more information on both flooring finishes and how to take care of them, please follow the specific manufacturer’s guides – these can be found on the individual product detail page of the flooring you’re after, this is listed as ‘Maintenance guide’. An extremely helpful reference to keep your floor looking as good as the day you fitted it.