The Education Centre: How to Get the Look?

Set your mood...

We’ve categorised the mood that our floors help to create into three easy to understand groups. If you are at all unsure about how the floor will suit your home, this is a great place to start.

Get the contemporary Look


Sleek and sophisticated is the key here. Contemporary flooring will bring a natural edge to minimal design-centric interiors.

Look out for: Smooth grains, light shades, uniform tones, three-strip style, minimal grain markings.

Get the Classic Look


Classic floors offer a timeless elegance and are the perfect addition to period properties or modern architectural statements. Choose Classic to create a look that is enduring, no matter what the fashion.

Look out for: Brushed or smooth grains, mid bevels, refined markings, long and random lengths.

Get the Character Look


If you have a country cottage or home packed with old-world charm then you need a floor that reflects the mood.

Look out for: Brushed grains, deep bevels, lots of knots and marking, hand scrapped & aged effects.