The Education Centre: How to install with Fast Fit Underlay?

Fast Fit Peel and Stick Underlay is an innovative technology that makes installing a new floor easier than ever before. Read the guide below and watch our video tutorial for more information on how to install using this underlay.

Please note:

If you’re installing over a concrete subfloor you will need to put a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) between the concrete and the Fast Fit Underlay to prevent residual moisture from the subfloor entering and damaging the wood boards.

Fast Fit Peel & Stick Underlay must not be used with floor boards over 150mm wide.

A roll of ‘Fast Fit Underlay’ has a full film of ultra-strong adhesive over its length, covered by a clear protective layer. These sheets need to be laid down at a 90o angle to the way you intend to install your flooring. They will also need to be cut to shape so they cover the entire floor.

You can then place your first floor board, starting in a corner of the room and running over and across the adhesive strips. Remember to use spacers at this stage so there is a gap around the edge of your floor to allow for expansion as changes in temperature and humidity levels cause the length and width of your new boards to vary throughout the year.

Place the first board in the starting position, take hold of the clear protective layer from the top edge of the sheet and peel back, leaving the board in contact with the ultra-strong adhesive surface. Apply pressure to the board to ensure it is firmly secured. Do this for the entire first row.

You can now install the second row. Remember to use a different length of board to achieve a staggered effect. Place it parallel to the first board and above the adhesive protective layer. Use a tapping block to gently fit the 2 boards together. A fitter’s tip would be to use either straps to hold the row together or a DIY alternative, masking tape. Remember to remove the masking tape within 1 hour.

Once again, peel back the clear protective layer so the board is in contact with the adhesive and secure it in place.

Repeat this process across the rest of the room until your new floor is complete.