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Measuring Your Floor

The Maths

The ease of working out the quantity of flooring you need is really dependant on the layout of your room. Rectangular rooms can be calculated easily by multiplying the length by the width (see example 1).

However, if your room is L-shaped, or has alcoves or bay windows then things do become a little more tricky. You need to divide your room into separate smaller areas, adding these together to come to your final quantity (see example 2 and example 3)

Don't forget to add at least 10% to your final quantity for any wastage that comes from trimmings and awkward layouts.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

The 10% Rule

Remember to add an extra 10% to your order to account for wastage and awkward layouts!

Print out this grid to map out your room to work out your total floor area.