The Education Centre: How To Get The Perfect Size Rug

Choosing the look and texture of your rug is only half the battle and getting one that fits your room just right needs careful thought. The type and size of room where you want your rug, how you position your furniture, whether your a legs on or legs off kind of person, can all have an impact in what makes the right size for you. Follow our guide below and discover the perfect size. Remember that buying a rug that’s too small for your space, simply because you think it is a bargain will leave you a little short-changed in the style stakes.

Living Spaces

Generally speaking, if your rug is too small, it can look a little bitty and mean, so always try and get the biggest size possible. That is unless you are trying to break up a space, where a couple of small rugs can be used to great effect. Your room size will generally fall into one of three categories and each has its own rule of thumb when it comes to rug size.

Dining Rooms

There’s a hard and fast rule for getting the most out of your rug in the dining room. Make sure it is large enough to take your table and chairs comfortably and with plenty room to spare. This will stop everything looking too cramped and squeezed in. Generally the rug should be around 1.5m wider and longer than your dining table, giving enough room so that chairs don’t awkwardly drop off the edge as people move around.


Depending on the width of your hallway, you may want to break up the space or add extra style with a runner. Measure the width and length of your hallway and remember that runners come in standard sizes. Choose the runner that’s closest to your needs but that leaves a sufficient space from the edge of your walls, too large and it will look like a badly fitted carpet. Not very stylish!


When laying a rug in the bedroom it should border your bed by around 1m. Alternatively, if your bedroom is a little short, the rug can extend from the sides by the same measurement, leaving the foot end directly on the floor.


Here at UK Flooring Direct our rugs come in a range of standard sizes:

Included in our standard sizes are rugs perfect for use with three or two seater sofas, so that you can make an easy choice for your room. Don’t forget to measure and check if your rug is wider than your largest sofa is long. Your new rug will look odd if it falls short of the ends of your sofa.