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Not sure what to do with them?

We've Got Some Tips

Test out your samples

Testing your samples is an important step in deciding which flooring is best for you. Luckily for you we’ve outlined the four best way’s to test them.

Match Your Style

Try placing your samples underneath the sofa or kitchen cabinets so you can see if it fits your current style. Why not ask a friend or family member for a second opinion?

Get Close

To make sure you get a true representation of our flooring, our samples are cut from actual stock. Why not rub your foot on them and get a feel for the high quality textures!

Check Clearances

Flooring comes in so many different heights. Make sure you have enough room under doors and appliances to get your new floor installed. You may need to make adjustments, so be make sure you are prepared.

Shine a Light

Leave your samples somewhere for 24 hours so you can see them in all lighting.

Why sample anywhere else?

Our samples are up to 300% bigger than the rest of the competition. Samples as big as ours give you a true representation of how the floor will look in your home. You have an opportunity to really get to know your floor when you sample from UK Flooring Direct. It’s the only place where you are guaranteed to get a full width board all while being free of charge and delivered within 48hours.