The Education Centre:What is Fusion Flooring?

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Engineering is at the heart of Fusion flooring, creating floors without fault. The range combines the natural qualities of real wood with the durability and stability of modern construction methods. This design results in floors with the authentic charm of solid wood that stand up to even the toughest conditions.

The intelligently designed boards come with a high density fibre (HDF) core beneath the real wood top layer. This makes Fusion engineered floors dimensionally stable and impact resistant. It's the perfect choice for areas with high foot traffic, either at home or in commercial spaces.

Each Fusion board is precision engineered with click system installation, making installation quick, easy and efficient.

You can find diverse colours, styles and finishes within the Fusion engineered flooring range. So whether you want a traditional oak look, dark chocolate shade, clean white surface or anything in between, you can enjoy the convenience of Fusion whatever your style!