The Education Centre: What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

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•Pet friendly
•Low maintenance
•DIY fitting
•Easy to live with
•Worry free

With a realistic wood effect surface and 100% waterproof construction, luxury vinyl tile flooring is a great choice for bathrooms and in fact anywhere else that requires a really easy to live with floor that still has that natural touch.

LVT features a printed decor sandwiched between layers of vinyl, with the top layer having a durable and scratch-resistant textured surface. The thicker bottom layer carries the click joint, or a more traditional T&G fixing. This multi-layer vinyl composition makes the floor not only tough, but also completely resistant to attack from water.

All of our LVT floors come with click system installation, making them one of our easiest products to install and perfect for a DIY project.

With a deep and varied texture that accurately recreates the feel of real wood, luxury vinyl provides a realistic looking floor, with bevelled edges adding realism.

Thanks to its man-made construction, luxury vinyl can follow interior trends closely, making it ideal for homes wanting natural looking flooring that fits with the latest in soft furnishings, paints and wallpapers. Find out more about how the texture and colour of luxury vinyl flooring can impact your home visit our ‘How to Get the look’ section in our Education Centre.

Pet-friendly, easy to clean and highly resistant to spills and stains, luxury vinyl is great for busy families that want a worry-free floor. Available in lots of styles, plank and tile formats, and with different thicknesses depending on your needs, luxury vinyl delivers the sought after natural look with all the practicalities and advantages of modern flooring.

Where to use Vinyl

Whatever you need for your home, we have a floor to fit your needs. Vinyl flooring is highly versatile and is an excellent choice for your bathroom or kitchen flooring needs. Our flooring range comes in a wide variety of styles and materials and are suitable for residential or commercial settings.