The Education Centre: What is Series Flooring?

When it comes to the ultimate ready for anything floor, few can match the toughness and style of Series laminate flooring, an entirely beautiful and thoroughly practical finish that delivers great value too. Delivering day-to-day versatility and ease throughout the home, Series laminate floors bring the authentic look and feel of wood and stone in a range of on-trend and classic moods. With fast and easy fitting thanks to click system technology, Series laminate floors come in a range of specifications designed to bring you the ideal in durability and value.

Series Premium

When you choose Series Premium laminate flooring, you are entering a world of impeccable style and quality that will ensure lasting looks and easy maintenance in even the busiest of family homes. Available in quality Swiss-made 8mm or 10mm thickness depending on the needs of your home and with an Authentic Textured surface for extra realism, these high quality laminate floors are not only practical, but incredibly stylish too. Whether you crave classic poise or are seeking contemporary attitude, Series Premium laminate floors bring unmistakable quality and great value.

Series Professional

Series Professional floors are there for when you need the maximum performance from your floor. Made in Germany, tested to destruction and with the quality to withstand use in busy commercial environments, Series Professional wood effect floors are available in 12 and 10mm thickness. With striking style and powerful technical features, Series Professional laminate flooring delivers the ultimate in flooring performance.