The trees are deciduous and grow to between 10 and 40 metres tall at maturity, which is roughly 20 years. They are known for their broad crowns and are valued for the nuts they produce which are rich in oil and can be eaten fresh or cooked.

Walnut trees have an important place in traditional Chinese medicine, being used for a variety of different ailments including asthma.

The timber itself is incredibly hard and dense, which is one of the reasons that it makes such good flooring. Walnut floors also polish up to a very smooth finish and the colour ranges from creamy white to deeper, dark shades.

This flooring can be grainy and well-marked with a lot of rings, knots and lines. The base colour of the wood is dark with lighter markings and this gives the walnut floors a distinctive character, which is a great look for any area but is a very popular choice for a living room.

These walnut floors provide the attractive appearance of walnut flooring whilst having superior performance to many floor types and in most cases an easier installation. We have several quality brands supplying great Walnut Engineered flooring.

Walnut is a darker wood, but one with rich features and tones, including deep brown swirls, lines and knots to provide a distinctive and attractive surface. They are available in different grades, with a choice of smooth or bevelled edges and between 3 strip and 2 strip configurations.

Vinyl floors are a great, practical option for anyone who wants walnut flooring but in a low maintenance, easy to clean option. Vinyl linoleum is cheaper than real wood floors and does not shrink or expand, unlike real wood which can be extremely sensitive to changing atmospheric conditions. Thanks to advances in design technology wood effect vinyl linoleum is more realistic than ever before and vinyl walnut floors are full of character.