The Education Centre: How to Order Flooring Samples?

UK Flooring Direct has a huge range of flooring available for delivery across the UK. We understand that such a large selection can make it difficult to choose your perfect flooring, so we offer flooring Sample Inspiration Packs. You can order up to three samples to be delivered, so you can see how the product looks and feels in your home before you buy.

You can order flooring samples through the category pages, search results, or through the product description pages. Simply click the yellow button to add a product to your flooring samples basket.

Your Flooring Sample Basket

Once you have added up to three flooring samples, you can return to the sample basket using the link at the top right of the page. If three samples is not sufficient and you want to see a broader range of floors, you will have the opportunity to request more when you receive your free consultation call from one of our Flooring Experts.

When you're ready, click checkout and you will be asked for some details so we can ensure your flooring samples get to you. And that's it! We'll sort out the rest and you will soon be able to compare products in your own home to make sure you find the perfect flooring.