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A vinyl collection for you

Sheet vinyl flooring is a water-resistant, modern choice that is quick and easy to install. This felt or foam-backed flooring option is sound absorbent and can be loose laid or glued down, depending on the size and use of the room.

Cut to length directly from the roll and available in both 3-metre and 4-metre widths, as well as a variety of colours and styles, we have a design to fit your customers' needs. Our sheet vinyl flooring also includes a residential warranty, so, no matter the setting, they offer greater peace of mind.

The Vital points of sheet vinyl

/ Different thicknesses - Range from 7mm thickness for increased durability to 15mm for ultimate comfort.

/ Up to 15 years residential warranty - Ranging from 5 - 15-years residential warranty, help provide your customers with additional peace of mind.

/ Water-resistant flooring - Greater protection against those little spills that come with everyday life.

/ Quick and easy installation - Our sheet vinyl range can be loose laid for easier fitting up to a set m² depending on the range*.

/ Selection of design styles - Choose from a rustic wooden plank, a sturdy stone tile or a creative design.

Residential warranty


Quick to install

Selection of styles