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Everything You Need to Know About Herringbone Flooring

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Where classic patterns meet modern trends, Herringbone flooring is renowned for its ability to bring the fabulous look of real wood within reach of every homeowner.

Thanks to a quick and easy DIY-friendly click system our Herringbone options can be simply installed by all, no matter your previous DIY experience.

What does a Herringbone pattern look like?

A timeless and popular choice. The Herringbone style is a type of parquet flooring and has roots going back centuries. Distinctively recognised by an arrangement of rectangles, so named for a fancied resemblance to the bones of a fish, such as a herring. Truly inspired by nature, the classic Herringbone pattern is sure to make a statement when laid.

Want the gorgeous look of wooden Herringbone flooring with all the benefits of laminate? You're onto a winner with our popular Herringbone laminate. Hard-wearing and easy to look after, with all the character and charm of real wood - perfect!

Practicality meets style, with our newly launched Herringbone Laminate floors you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Why should I choose Herringbone flooring?

You should certainly consider our range of Herringbone floors due to their incredible versatility, timelessness and range of colourways - sure to suit your personal interior style.

How to install Herringbone flooring

Installing our Herringbone laminate flooring couldn't be easier thanks to its handy click-system technology. The perfect DIY-friendly flooring option, ideal for first time fitters or keen DIYers as the planks simply lock into place with no need for glue and/or adhesive nor many household tools.

Look out for our Herringbone installation guides which can be found on the product pages of your new dream floor for more detailed information.

Does Herringbone floor make a room look bigger

Herringbone floor does make any sized room look bigger, particularly smaller or narrower spaces such as hallways due to its pattern. Thanks to the illusion of movement given, this style of flooring is a fantastic space enhancer you should certainly consider for any room refresh. Opting for a lighter coloured Herringbone can make darker spaces seem brighter and more open, which is always a bonus.

Where can I use Herringbone flooring?

Our Herringbone laminate flooring can be used in nearly all rooms in your home due to its remarkable suitability, from your open plan dining room to your smallest bedroom. The only room you'll have to avoid laying our striking Herringbone laminate in is your bathroom, as unfortunately it is not water-resistant - not ideal for all the splishes and splashes you're bound to make.

Modern laminate floors offer impressive authenticity while remaining highly practical and incredibly easy to care for, making upkeep a breeze. Looking after your floor is easy with all of our ready to purchase aftercare products.

Is Herringbone flooring expensive?

All our Herringbone flooring options are very much affordable, with plenty of budget-friendly floors to choose from.

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