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What Is Ash Flooring

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The ash tree's real name is the Fraxinus and originates in the British Isles - it is the fourth most common tree in Britain. There are many different species of the tree and they grow across the world in places as diverse as North America, North Africa, and various parts of Asia.

A little on the ash tree

It is largely a deciduous plant however there are a few sub-tropical plants which are evergreen. These trees are identified by the silvery-grey bark as well as small clusters of green flowers. Mature ash trees can grow to around 45 metres and they can live for up to 400 years. However, the tree is currently at risk from a wood-boring beetle, which was accidentally introduced through insufficient checks on imported goods.

Common uses for ash wood

Traditionally ash was used for weapons and the word 'ash' comes from the Anglo-Saxon term 'aesc', meaning spear. Contemporary use of the wood includes sports equipment, tool handles, chairmaking, and, of course, ash flooring as well as many other uses which require a very strong wood.

Why choose ash flooring?

Ash is a highly grained, pale creamy wood and is renowned for being incredibly strong and flexible. It works well in small rooms where the pale surface helps make the room look more spacious and adds an airy quality to any room. Whether you choose solid ash floors, engineered ash flooring or laminate ash effect flooring the distinctive markings of the wood will add character and a natural look to any room.