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What Are Flooring Finishes

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Solid wood and engineered wood floors are usually prefinished with a lacquer or oil that shows off the attractive qualities of the wood, while also providing an extra layer of protection.


'Lacquer' is a term for clear or coloured varnish that dries to produce a hard, durable finish. They can come with any sheen level from ultra matt to high gloss and this can be further polished as required.

Matt Lacquered Flooring Finish

A Matt lacquer flooring finish allows the wood to appear very natural as it is virtually invisible. It is visually similar to oiled floors but easier to maintain.

Satin Lacquered Flooring Finish

This finish is durable, easy to clean and leaves the floor with an even sheen that gently reflects the light


Oiled wood flooring is extremely versatile and has many benefits. The oils penetrate deeply into the wood, protecting the boards and giving them moisture resistance whilst allowing the wood to breathe.

There are many finishes, with matt or satin oils available, as well as coloured oils to totally change the look of the floor.

Oiled wood floors require periodic oiling to keep them fresh and vibrant, but a massive advantage of re-applying the oil is that any scratches and scuff marks are instantly removed, resulting in a perfect finish once again.

This finish has great resistance to abrasive damage and any small areas that become scuffed may be re-oiled without having to attend to the whole floor, making it very forgiving and easy to maintain.


Some floors come with a bare, sanded surface ready for the installers to finish the floor as the customer wishes. With the use of different colour stains and oils this allows you to really create a bespoke floor that perfectly suits your design.