The Education Centre: What is Carpet?

Carpet infograph

• Soft and safe underfoot
•Great heat insulator
•Helps to reduce noise
•Lots of colours
•Different textures
•‘Locks’ away dust between cleans

Whilst UK Flooring Direct no longer sell carpets, please take a look at the below content on how carpets are made. Carpet has been a mainstay of the UK home for seven decades or more, its warmth and softness offering a cosy feel that no other floor can match.

Traditionally woven from wool, recently man-made fibres and tufted carpets have come to dominate, many of which offer stain-resistance to withstand the trials of busy family life. These carpets offer excellent value and fibre types such as polypropylene, wool and nylon can be mixed to benefit from individual properties.

Carpet offers the home a great range of benefits, not only ‘locking’ away dust and dirt until it’s vacuumed up, but also providing comfort underfoot, reducing sound and helping rooms to feel warmer. Of course, for maximum effect a good quality underlay should be used. For families really wanting that cosy and traditional feel, carpet should be high up on the list and if you need reassurance that stains can be easily removed, choose a stain-resistant variety.

With cut and loop piles available, and even a mixture of the two, carpet comes in lots of interesting textures that can add depth and vitality to your floor. Colours too are wide ranging and while neutral and natural tones are popular, carpet is also available in some really great shades. From bright pop colours to rich and regal tones of blue and red, the only limit really is your imagination.

As carpet is supplied in sizes cut to your room, it is really important that you measure correctly. Don’t forget to accommodate for any wastage and if in doubt make sure you seek the advice of a professional installer.

Where to use capret?