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The Ultimate Christmas Clean-up Guide
December 1st, 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Clean-up Guide

All the fun of the festive season is often met with the need for a Christmas clean-up to get your home feeling more in order. After all, there’s always shreds of wrapping paper, a spot of gravy or even remnants of the tinsel that was once on the tree now strewn across the floor. No matter what mess you’ve got to tackle, we can help you reclaim your home.

Read on to discover our handy hacks to get it done quickly and effectively so you can get back to putting your feet up.

Where to start with the Christmas clutter?

The hardest part of cleaning the Christmas clutter is simply getting started. The most obvious place to start is by taking down the tree as this is likely taking over most of your room. Firstly, begin by taking off all the decorations and lights so you’re left with a bare tree. Go through all your decorations and discard any that are broken or worn that you don’t want to use again. Perhaps make a donation pile of the ones you didn’t use this year or that no longer go with your Christmassy theme. Now, depending on if you have a real or fake Christmas tree will depend on what you do with it – if you have a beautiful real tree, we recommend looking into tree recycling as this is the best and most environmentally friendly way of disposal. If you have a practical artificial tree it’s time to box it away for another year.

Christmas typically brings a busier house and lots of dust can build up quite quickly so once you’ve taken down the tree and put everything back in its place go ahead and do a deep clean so the whole house feels in order. Start from the top down which means light fixtures go first and vacuuming comes last. Particularly once the tree is out of the way it’s likely that the area it was sat in will be a little dusty and may even have left behind some tree needles which need to be swept away or vacuumed to reveal your beautiful floor and open up the room once again. Depending on what floor type you have may alter the amount of cleaning you’re left with, however, vacuuming will work for all types, a mop and dust may also be needed for a deeper clean.

After Christmas, you’ll likely be left with a lot of presents you need to find homes for, particularly if you have little ones. A top tip is to have a declutter of toys before Christmas Day in anticipation of all the newness they’re going to want to play with and you’ll want to store away when they’re not being used. As a rule of thumb, one toy out, one toy in – so you can keep on top of storage. After all, the old ones probably won’t get a look in now they have their new toys to keep them entertained so it makes sense to utilise the space. The same rule can be applied to varying gift categories; from clothes to toiletries.

The post-Christmas clear up is also the perfect time to have a complete clean of your entire house ready to welcome in the New Year. After all, a tidy space is a tidy mind, so it’s a good idea to take this time for a proper home refresh.

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