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How To Create The Perfect Playroom

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The home is shared by the whole family, but that doesn't mean we want to be sharing every part of it. We all need our own space, our personal sanctuary we can retreat to relax, unwind, and have a little time for ourselves. And that's true even of for the little ones in our homes.

Whether it's to create a space where they let their creativity run wild and free or so you can have a little break - no judgement here - there's plenty you can do to make a playroom perfect. Whether it's so they can suit up to slay dragons, build a rocket that's going to Mars, or wear the crown in their own kingdom, we'll help you make the ideal space for your little ones to have their fun.

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Is it worth having a playroom?

Whether you have the guest bedroom sitting empty or a dining room going disused, turning that spare space in your home into a playroom is a great investment in your family's wellness, especially if you have young children or are soon expecting some.

While you may be concerned your kids will outgrow this space before long, you'll be surprised how many years of fun they'll get out of it before it can naturally evolve for their maturing interests, become more of a nook, gaming or office as needed. You can even claim it back from the kids and turn it into a space of your own!

What is the best flooring for a playroom?

The ideal playroom flooring will be fuss free - something easy to clean that offers lots of comfort for when your little ones are playing. Carpet can be hardwearing if there's going to be lots of running around or soft to provide plenty of comfort when playing. You can get carpets that are bleach cleanable to deal with any messes life may throw you at, and we have plenty of tips to help you get the most common stains out of your carpet, but maintenance may be too much if spills and splashes are common in your children's playtime.

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Sheet vinyl is probably the best overall flooring option and one of the safest to boot. Not only is it easy to maintain and cushioned, but it also makes for a fantastic budget-friendly and easy DIY option. This is an ideal way to get started in the playroom, especially if you want to leave options open for what kind of play your kids will have.

If you want a little more insight into floors that will be suitable for a family home - both in the playroom and elsewhere - then have a read our guide for What's the best flooring for families?

How do you make a playroom functional?

Making your playroom functional is about more than just what you put in there, as how its decorated is just as important to creating an enjoyable space. Colour is key to making an attractive look, so painting your walls in bright hues and adding in decals for extra pop will go a long way. Leave some empty wall space to add on fun, decorative shelves and to proudly hang up your little one's favourite art projects.

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From there further functionality comes from furniture, where toy cubbies and cute storage bins will not only help the aesthetic but also let you keep any toys or craft supplies tidy and organised. Create a cosy space for some downtime with blankets and pillows, or even throw in a little reading nook by way of a child-friendly bookcase. Making little zones for different activities will help make playtime feel more fun and varied.

What to do when you don't have a playroom?

Of course, not everyone has the room to spare to make a proper playroom in their home. If you only have a small space to spare, you can still make something of it with one or two of the suggestions we've been over, such as creating a quiet reading space with a bookcase and bean bags or a dedicated craft space with a small table and some drawers to keep the mess in one place.

You can also convert part of communal space, such as your living room, to act as a playroom as and when you need. Add in some cabinets and drawers you can store toys and supplies in to keep the floor clear, set up a spare corner with a small table or seats to create a reading and crafts corner, or even put it in the centre of the room to give the kids more space and make it easier to keep an eye on them. 

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