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What's the Best Bedroom Flooring?

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Everyone wants the room where they rise to always shine! That's why it's so important to get your bedroom flooring spot on - not only to match the mood and style you want to create but to meet your day-to-day needs in the most important room in your home.

From picking the best flooring type to understanding pile types and choice of colours, we have put this guide together to make sure there's never a wrong side of your bed to get up from.

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What is the best flooring for bedrooms?

Carpets are the traditional choice for bedroom flooring, not only because they offer extra insulation, adding warmth and comfort to the room, they are also soft underfoot (which always feels amazing for the bare feet that enter and emerge from underneath a cosy duvet).

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Not all carpets are created equal as you'll be able to tell from its pile type - loop and twist pile carpets are more suited for high-traffic areas, such as hallways, stairs, and landings. For bedrooms cut pile is best thanks to its sumptuously soft surface, making it a great choice for living rooms as well. Saxony cut carpets take this even further, with an even deeper, plusher pile that feels amazing between your toes. Cut-pile carpet won't let claws get caught in its fibres either, ideal if you're looking for pet-friendly flooring.

When it comes to smaller bedrooms, take advantage of the range of colours to be found in carpets and put something lighter in - the bright tones will instantly make even the cosiest rooms feel more spacious.

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Is it better to have carpet or laminate in bedrooms?

The choice between giving your bedroom laminate flooring or carpet is more than a stylistic one. Carpet and laminate both have plenty of budget-friendly options, so don't let affordability affect your decision. Laminate might not hide everyday dirt as well as carpet, but it can be just as easy to maintain laminate flooring day-to-day, if not easier in some homes. Unlike carpet though, you can install laminate flooring yourself. There are plenty of Easy DIY options on laminate available if you're looking for ways to save on your project.

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Laminate doesn't offer quite the same level of underfoot warmth and comfort that you would get with carpet, a problem compounded by colder rooms. It can also generate slightly more noise underfoot so may not always be favoured by the paws of your furrier family members. Getting the right underlay for your floor can help solve some of these issues, adding back warmth and a measure of comfort. If these issues are not of concern then it's all down to a choice of style - the stylish and vibrant colours of carpet, or the modern aesthetic of wood-effect laminate?


What is the best laminate flooring for bedrooms?

While water-resistant options like Audacity and Aqualock could still have advantages these are not the typical considerations they might be in other parts of the house. You won't need to fret over the AC rating of your floor either - anything from the lowest AC1 rating is considered suitable for bedrooms, and our laminate is all rated at least AC3, suitable for even the highest traffic areas of your home.

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Your focus can therefore be turned to the actual look of the laminate. First, consider if you want a standard plank pattern, which offers a more natural and real wood-inspired appearance, or if you'd prefer the timeless look of the pattern used in herringbone. Plank width matters as much as colour - narrow planks work best when used to help small rooms feel more spacious, and light and white shades are great to make an area feel brighter and more open. Conversely, wider planks are best for big bedrooms to help capture the scope of the floor and dark colours always look best alongside vibrant fabrics and walls with strong tints.


Is vinyl flooring good for bedroom flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a great alternative if you want affordable flooring you can install yourself that's warmer underfoot than laminate. There's also the added bonus availability of stone and marble effect textures as well as traditional wood.

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The biggest highlight of this pet-friendly option is it's easy to care for nature - whether you go for traditional luxury vinyl or the limestone powered durability of rigid core vinyl, upkeep and maintenance will be a breeze. There's no need for deep cleaning and any damage done to the floor is easily sorted by installing replacement tiles. If you're looking for something that offers comfort and great value to install in a guest bedroom, vinyl flooring might just be the fuss-free option you've been looking for.


Should bedroom floors match throughout the house?

Co-ordinating your bedroom floors is entirely your choice. If you have a theme that's shared between them, then finding one great floor to fit everywhere can save you time and get your project started that much quicker!

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If you do decide to redecorate, however, you risk losing that uniformity or creating a larger project to maintain it. There's plenty of fun and creativity in trying out different looks and trends for different rooms in your home. You could use the opportunity to test a laminate or vinyl flooring in a secondary bedroom before placing it in your master bedroom. With so many benefits and different looks to be found, never be afraid to experiment!